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Meenah Peixes - im just your PROBL-EM
1.74mb, 01:53, 125kbit, 626 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Soundtrack  Vocal  

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Shared by iisanOracle 5 years ago
iisanOracle (5 years ago)
la da da da da
im gonna blow you into the ground
la da da da da
im gonna bury you in the sound
im gonna run to the moon
hope to not sea you again soon
im gonna...

do you not like that serket

sorry i dont care that youre a god tier
is T)(AT what you want me to do
sorry i dont treat you like youre perfect
like all our douchebag fronds do
sorry im not what you want
am i not NIC-E enough for you
is that why youre always talkin
i must be such an issue for you
whale im just your PROBL-EM
im just your problem
its like im not
even an equal
am i
im just your problem
whale i shouldnt have to justify what i do
and i shouldnt have to care at all aboat you
im sorry i exist
dont know what the shell is best but
i shouldnt have to be the one who does anyfin for you
so W)(Y do i want to
why do i want to
why do i want to...
blow you up
and laugh maniacally as...

Instrumental by VoiceRound @ Youtube!

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