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CadillacMatt - mostinterestingman2
2.5mb, 02:10, 156kbit, 19059 downloads
Genre(s): Instrumental  Ethnic  Misc  

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Shared by CadillacMatt 8 years ago
surgiomx (7 years ago)
I signed up just to say thank you. You've had 4,743 downloads and it' s about time someone said thanks.

tinrunner (7 years ago)
I too only signed up to say thank you for this mostinterestingman2 wonderful upload!

m2gmedia (7 years ago)
Hey matt my name is Joe betancourt in Irvine Ca... I work for a production company and currently doing a spoof on most intresting man in world... I would love to use your version. With your permission I will put your name for credit. Finalcutjoe@gmail.com Thank you!

CadillacMatt (7 years ago)
Absolutely... thanks for checking it out!

Leighton (7 years ago)
Hey I have the same question, I work on a show at penn state and we made a dos equis spoof I was wondering if I could go ahead and use the song too. thanks, great upload.

CadillacMatt (7 years ago)
Sure! Thanks much

malmc (7 years ago)
Just wanted to say that this is the best instrumental of the song I've found!

Also, I'm thinking of using this song in a Dos XX spoof for a public service announcement about college/university safety. Think I could go ahead and use the song?

manvsart (7 years ago)
Dude! Thank you so much! I needed this tune to use on the promo for my podcast Man vs. Art! Check out the podcast at http//:manvsart.com!
Check out the promo at http://www.manvsart.com/wp-content/uploads/Man_vs_Art_Podcast_Promo.mp3


T-Diddy (6 years ago)
I too only signed up to download and say thanks. Thanks for taking the time 2share. Im a graphic designer for SUPER FREAK GRAPHIC DESIGNS out of Allentown PA and Design while listening to music instrumentals. I Listen to Pandora and they have the DosXX playing all the time...it was 2day that i decided to check to see if there was a band or name of the producer who put this together.

Thanks again for the remake....you got talent!

keletho (6 years ago)
I can download but whenever I play on Windows media player 10 it errors.

womanvsfamily (5 years ago)
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! I was wondering if it would be okay if I used it in a spoof for my humor site, Woman vs. Family, and credited you?

Thanks again!

msbmcdaniel (4 years ago)
Hey Matt my name is Brian McDaniel I was wanting to do a spoof on most interesting man in the world with my company. You have the best version I have found. I was wondering if I could use it.

Thanks again, Sounds great.

DadGoneMad (2 years ago)
Just what I needed thanks Matt

DadGoneMad (2 years ago)
Just what I needed thanks Matt

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