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aruzeitteal (5 years ago)

Purrple turns out to be vain
I have no purrtection
But i'll take a revenge-pounce for you
and scratch his face.
I feel alone and frightened
Oh, i miss your arms around me
I'll send a message to you, Nep
'Cuz i wish you were here

Holy crap, is that Jack Nor!?
Stupid Vriska, its all your fault
OKay well maybe it was mine.
Oh Karkat
The silence isnt so bad,
till i look at my paws and feel sad
'cuz the space between us literally 3 years long
okay this is so crazy
where exactly is everybody?
all these dead bodies
chill me to the bone.
I'll sit at my computer all night
pestering others cuz when i think of you,
i feel really alone
i feel really alone.
As many times as i've ever drawn
i will think of you
do do do do do~

When Sburb is finally over,
and everyone is okay
I'll taste your lips and feel alive again
I'll forget the world that I knew
i swear i wont forget you
Oh if my voice could reach back to the past
i'd whisper in your ear
Matesprit i wish you were here.

*cg wishes his kiity was here*
*ac wishes her kitty was here*
*cg admits his love to the stars*
*ac looks down and knows where you are*

I love you karkat!!
I think i broke my throat.

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