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meteors (6 years ago)
Salutations friends,

I am Mr. Egbert. I regret to inform you that after various "shenanigans" involving a very "mature" Christmas album, Mr. Strider is now in prison. Do not be alarmed. I am here to carry the "torch" so to speak and use his notes to help educate you on how to be a responsible, well informed playmate in the world of Homestuck.

-Mr. Egbert

Snooglebum (6 years ago)
Best Mr. Egbert ever.

Judgementalrobot (6 years ago)

skel (6 years ago)
Dog diddly. Ho boy. You gave me a new catch phrase.
That uh constant uhhh caused Tavros thoughts in my uh mind.
As it progressed it killed me though, in a good way. Constant sniffling and coughing at one point really took the cake. Taked the cook.

MasterAsra (6 years ago)
This is simply the best Mr. Egbert there is.

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