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Teleharmonic - Trollfire
2.87mb, 03:07, 125kbit, 15495 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  

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Shared by grnbjerg 7 years ago
mrsmusedfable (7 years ago)
This song is amazing.

Ledundead (7 years ago)
The only reason there aren't more comments is because the first comment is so right.

Ghosty (7 years ago)

cuttlefishCuller (7 years ago)


glovedgothique (7 years ago)
... oh my god YES.

vociferocity (7 years ago)
does this have lyrics written down somewhere?

vociferocity (7 years ago)
PS it is totally awesome!

grnbjerg (7 years ago)
Thanks! :D

The lyrics were by some very clever people:

emderp (7 years ago)
I've told you this before, but I love you.

grnbjerg (7 years ago)
Well... it's still nice to hear. :3

Owl the Strange (7 years ago)
I just peed with joy.

AsylumTeaparty (7 years ago)
This is amazing.
At the end, I was clapping like a retarded seal.
Favorite Character + Favorite Disney movie = Happy Me.

niwaka (7 years ago)
Oh. My. God. You are amazing *u*

cynicalcrow (7 years ago)
This song was so amazing, I was inspired to make this for you.


halfcadence (7 years ago)
holy gog yes

Mrcreazil (7 years ago)
Hell yes.

LadyKatie (7 years ago)
Yup, yeah, life complete

Ectricark (7 years ago)
Oh my god. You just gained eternal status as Equius' voice. As well as amazing music.

pomodoro (7 years ago)
Words. I'm lost of them....just...just youwineverything.

trampledChampion (7 years ago)
I'm not sure some of these lyrics would be as memorable if they weren't done so well.

Shellbow (6 years ago)
This is amazing, thank you for making this! <3

Hollyquin (6 years ago)
welp this is just the best thing i've ever heard

Ace-Defective (6 years ago)
Made a video for you here. Hope you like it!


Ace-Defective (6 years ago)
wait actually this link works better.


dapperNinja (6 years ago)
I need a towel....

and a bucket

shadamy22 (6 years ago)
I can relate The Hunchback of Notre Dame with HS so well, and then this is made, and my life is complete. <3333

VriskaFanGirl306 (6 years ago)
Okay.... you people really need to make me stop loving my patron troll.
Seriously. I had this total complex against him and people like you are ruining it xD
But in all honesty this is great, love the voice and the lyrics, kudos to everyone involved <3

Shirudia (6 years ago)
Oh, man. That is soooooooo amazing.

But oh god the sudden volume burst at the end almost made me fall off my bed.

Terpsichore (6 years ago)
Chills bro... Chill

DMLunatic (6 years ago)
The words "sick fires" coming from Equius's mouth...

Now /I/ need a towel.

tarusianFangrrl (6 years ago)
"A cleaner towel is now what I require"

Same here, man. This is freaking amazing, and the chills won't stop.

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