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Benz - -Benz_ Gettin' This Money (freestyle)
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Genre(s): Rap  

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Shared by Benz 8 months ago
Benz (8 months ago)
Benz on the mic'
Shout out my nigga Bayzics
Engineer nazzy
Nex What it do?
Y'all already know

I told these niggas step back
I'm coming up with that heat flow
No rapper in this industry
Got my kinda bravado
Real niggas by my side
Left nd right boy
That's how I roll
Play with me
You've played your role
I'll lay you down
Now you're fucking toast
Bad bitch wanna stay wimme
I Light that pussy up
Then I'm going ghost
Then I'm switching roles
Then I'm rollin dope
I don't be fucking
These other hoes
I just signed a deal
Off the other tape
You switched sides
Now it's too late
Now it's two plates
On two places
Played my cards
It was two aces
What the fuck y'all niggas
Want from me?
Came in the game
It was miles for me
Now I'm just running up
For that moooneyy
Now I'm grindin' hard
It's not funny
Told these bitches
Better stop frontin'
Benz isin the building
Money to the ceiling
Tryna hurt their feelings
Knew that they was hating
Called my nigga Bayzics
Bout to go crazy now

Boutta go crazy now
Sold my shit
Outta the gates
It's amazing how

Tell'em I took a vow
I'm here for my throne
Give it to me now
I don't be playing boy
Check around me
Ain't nobody smiling boy
This is the mob boy
Put some money on your head
It's a lost cause
Now it's job done
All of that work
Yeah I fronted' first
Yeah I'm rated first
Yeah I paid the cost
Was a long way
It was hella rough
Now I'm comfortable
In dem leather seats
Full blast
When I touch a chopper
When I'm doing numbers
When I'm getting paper
Fuck all these niggaas
I'm going major
I done came up
In this bitch
A different flavour
Put you in bandages
Not a favour
All y'all niggas
Ignored the great one
Ain't no fucking
such thing as
Let bygones be bygones
I'm running the streets
And I got all the right guns
I Walk thru the clubs
That they once
Bounced me out of
And ordered the bottles
The models
The muscles
Cos I overcame
I jumped all the hurdles
I'm Just tryna make double
Don't want no trouble
But if you insist
I'm giving you triple
I'm taking
Your girl from you
This shit official
Straight to whip
I'll give that bitch
A facial
My plug continentaL
My suite presidential
All of this money
It'd make you go mental
The real steady fuck with me
Word on my empathy
All of you niggas
Just riding on sympathy
Y'all want the glory
But don't wanna work for it
don't wanna bleed for it
Don't wanna die for it
Strengthened my hold
In this game
I was made for it
I became that nigga
When they was
Still on my shit
I see that heat risin'
Pull up in maybachs
And shit
That's the horizon
Word on the streets
That my music mesmerising

I done said my prayers
Halleluyah haters
All my niggas chasers
All my bitches stoners
On a new persona
All about the cheddah
Tryna get richer
My nigga

I'm playing Hov
In a range rove
Smoking up
Like an old stove
In these streets
It is no love
But if it's my blood
Then it's case closed

Getting fetty yeah
We making that money
These other niggas
Is monkeys
They don't get the message
I'm gunning for grammies
I'm gunnin' for hundred
Put it on momma
I ain't gon die broke
Eyes on the money
But steady ridin'slow
The lean and sprite
Got me movin' slow mo
Bad bitch
Got me screamin' Noo no!!
We gettin' the money (till fade)
Shout out my nigga Mj
Shout out Kj
If you ain't getting money
In 2k18 man
You a muhfucking biiitttchhh!!

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