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Snowy the Sane Fangirl - Roxy: Mom
2.65mb, 02:52, 125kbit, 85 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Vocal  

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Shared by Sane Fangirl 3 years ago
Sane Fangirl (3 years ago)
Headcanon where Roxy managed to contact Alpha Rose with her Timey Pesterchum, but Alpha Rose wouldn't talk to her because of time shenanigans/the Batterwitch would find her/whatever reason.

tipsyGnostalgic (TG) began pestering tentacleTherapist (TT)

ROXY: [Mom?]

This sounds really crazy,
But I'm sure that you believe.
You must have known that I'd be here
Somehow you must have seen.

And now I can talk to you
Even though you're gone.
Finally I've found you!
Say something, come on!

I guess you're not around right now.
I'll try back in a while.
Okay, I tried, you're still not talking.
What the hell is going on?

Is this not your handle?
But I'm sure I had it right.
You have to be there, I've waited
Far too long for this night!

Did I lose my connection?
Is this the wrong timeframe?
I don't care, I'm trying every night,
Even if it's always the same!

If this chat is getting through
I am dead drunk, I'm telling you.
I wish that you'd tell me not to.
Isn't that what mothers do?

If you're wondering where your cat is,
I stole him from under your nose
And I'm calling him Frigglish.
That's gonna be his name now, I suppose.

Oh, if you're out there listening,
If you can read these words I type,
I'm watching my computer screen,
Waiting for you to respond each night.


Can you hear me?
Are you there?
Can't you see me?
Mom - say something - it's not fair!

Don't you love me?
Did I get it wrong?
I know we never met, but I thought -

ROSE: [I do love you, Roxy.]

ROXY: [Mom? Mom!]

tentacleTherapist (TT) ceased pestering tipsyGnostalgic (TG)

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