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Xiki_Muffin - FluttershyRingtone
408kb, 00:26, 125kbit, 58760 downloads
Genre(s): Misc  Vocal  

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Shared by Xiki_Muffin 6 years ago
Tigress45 (6 years ago)
so cute!

Turless (6 years ago)
Yep, I am definitely using this. Oh, and one more thing. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH!!!!

zarkyzark (6 years ago)
My old ringtone was the whole "Louder!" sequence, which was funny since the volume of the ringing got louder and louder.

This is my new ringtone.

Alto_Cirrus (6 years ago)
Very cute, I like it! Though it is slightly on the quiet side, even with the volume for ringtones maxed. Boosting it by about 6 to 9 db in Audacity made the volume just right. Again, great work, you sound almost exactly like Equestria's favorite pony. <3

Bezbozny (6 years ago)
If only I had a cell phone, I could put this ring tone on it and then when it goes off people would be like "Wow really? My Little Pony? Lame dude." and then I would be like "Hey, c'mon it's a decent show, just give it a chance..." But they would have already left to tell everyone they know not to be friends with me and I would be alone in the corner making of the sadly.

Masoncorps (6 years ago)
I love things like this :)

shadowmane (5 years ago)
i love this, but my phone's ringtone size limit was to small, i had to cut it, so sad.

peppermintLavender (4 years ago)

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