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Broadway Damara - The Last Midnight
3.26mb, 03:42, 119kbit, 142 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Soundtrack  Vocal  

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Shared by roxrezi 2 years ago
roxrezi (2 years ago)

The Last Midnight

It's your last midnight

Make your last wish

Find your lance, pretty boy

Soon it will be boom


Told a little lie

Broke a little heart

Broke a little girl

Did you?

Had to get your Page

Had to feed your pride

What? Matesprit?

She wonât know anyhow

Rufioh, guess who knows now

Picked a nice last night.

Time for boom


Guess you killed them all tonight

Everybody smashed flat!

Nothing you can do

Sad but true

[sarcastic, overly bright] You could always unfuck the boy!


No, of course what really matters is the blame

Someone you can blame

Fine, if that's the thing you enjoy

Placing the blame

If that's the aim

Just give her the blame

And I just kill the boy


All so dumb.

Not so strong

Not so weak

You're just dumb.

I'm not smart

I'm not strong

I'm just wronged.

I'm the witch

Sheâs your queen.

I'm a hitch

Itâs me no one believes

I'm the witch

You're all liars and thieves

Like fishbitch

Like boytoy will be, too

Oh, why bother?

You'll just do what you do

It's our last midnight

So, goodbye all

Coming at you fast, midnight

Soon you'll see the sky fall

So you want to play?

Itâs my favorite game!

Good old game of pop goes the bitch!

Goodbye to the Thief

Goodbye to the Page

Just come back for more

Letâs settle the score!

Well, you can blame your favorite witch

Goodbye doomed timeline!

Cute how you tried!

Look me in the eye when you die

I want to hear your last word!

I'm leaving you to rot

You can keep the bastard, heâs yours

Have fun being sane

Thatâs just one more thing that you stole!

All right, Meenah, when?

Time to die again!

Hurt them the way you hurt me then!

What they deserve at last

Just that bang and that flash

And the gloom

And the doom

And then boom


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