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HSV - EridanListener (NSFW)
2.08mb, 02:16, 125kbit, 8364 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Easy Listening  Vocal  

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Shared by HomesmutVoices 5 years ago
katgirl28888 (5 years ago)
Your script:
Eridan: Stupid mustard lowwblood! I can't believve he did that! He thinks he's all that, huh? WWell,
You: (interrupting) *laugh*
Eridan: I think no-- Oh. Forgot you wwere here today. *sigh* I'd love to hang out wwith you and all, but today isn't a good day, so you gotta go.
You: Awww...
Eridan: *sigh*
You: What's wrong?
Eridan: WWhat's wwrong? Fine. If you *must* knoww, Captor got on my nerves again, and just... ugh. Makes my thinkpan just hurt thinking about it.
You: Maybe I could help relieve some stress?
Eridan: *snort* Relieving my stress? And what do you suggest, smart one?
You: Let's fill a pail. ;)
Eridan: Oh. You... wwant to pail... wwith... *me.* Uh. WWell. I guess it couldn't hurt. Alright. I, uh... trust you enough to... so, let's see how this goes.
You: *grin* Follow me. *take him by the hand and walk into his respite block, quickly throwing him down on the bed and kissing him*
Eridan: *gasp*
You: Can I keep your scarf?
Eridan: Keep my scarf? You... you really like this thing--?
You: *rip off his pants and start licking his bulge, playing with his nook*
Eridan: This is wway different than... *gasp* wwhen I do this myself.
You: *start sucking on his bulge*
Eridan: *gasp louder, arching his back* Just fuck me already, asshole!
You: *move up and slide your bulge into his nook, moving back and forth, forcing your length into him and fucking him hard and deep* (me guessing that listener is being a troll)
Eridan: Oh, cod, y-you're bigger than I thought you'd be. Oh... oh, cod damn. F-Fine, a-almost there! *moan louder as you both cum together* WWell. That really pushed a *huge* load off! Thanks. I guess. Noww, make yourself more useful and clean this shit up. I might not do this again wwith you.

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