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canonAntiphony - a man2 gotta do - Dr Horrible!Stuck
2.36mb, 02:34, 125kbit, 3055 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Homestuck  

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Shared by Broadwway Eridan 6 years ago
Broadwway Eridan (6 years ago)

A man’s gotta do wwhat a man’s gotta do

Don’t plan the plan if you can’t followw through

all that matters: taking matters into your owwn hands

Soon I’ll control everything, my wish is your command

2tand back everyone, nothiing here to 2ee

Ju2t iimminent danger, iin the miiddle of iit, me

Ye2, Captaiin 2ollux’2 here, haiir blowiing iin the breeze

And the day need2 my 2aviing expertii2e

A man’2 gotta do what a man’2 gotta do

2eems de2tiiny ends wiith me 2aviing you

The only doom that’2 loomiing ii2 you loviing me to death

So II’ll giive you a 2ec to catch your breath

FEFERI (in shock)

T) (ank you sollux man, I don’t t) (ink I can

—Explain ) (ow important it was t) (at you stopped t) (e van

I would be splattered I’d be crushed under debris

T) (ank you sir for saving me

Don’t worry about iit…

A man’2 gotta do what a man’2 gotta do

2eems de2tiiny end2 wiith me 2aving you

When you’re the be2t, you can’t re2t, what’2 the u2e

There’2 a22 need2 kiickiing, 2ome tiickiing bomb to defu2e

The only doom that’2 looming ii2 you loviing me to death

FEFERI (overlapping)

You came from above

I wonder w) (at you’re Captain of

My ) (eart is beating like a drum

Must be, must be in s) (ock

Assuming I’m not loving you to death


2o plea2e giive me a 2ec to catc) ( my breat) (

ERIDAN (overlapping)

Are you kidding?

WWhat heist wwere you wwatching?

Stop looking at her like that

Did you notice that he threww you in the garbage?

I stopped the vvan, the remote control wwas in my hand



faburizu (6 years ago)
THIS IS GREAT! I love Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! I think you did this song wonderfully! :)

seriousVisionary (6 years ago)
I'm crying... this is great

lizgungrim (5 years ago)
Oh my god this is amazing ;u;

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