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poet forte (4 years ago)
Dope Guy.better than ice prince.

poet forte (3 years ago)
Forte is a typical depiction of an all time hip-hop art. From the foreign scene, He stays in the prepism of classic arts like Bobby Ray, kendrick Lamar, Jermaime Cole & Macklemore, in the local scene you can mention naetocie, vector, illbliss & lynx. he has conspicously promised to do better than his adversaries and is said to be the most corporate rapper coming aboard.

His vast ability gives him the leverage to deliver on soundtracks fused with Elements from various genres.

It has been rumoured that forte has an exclusive deal, but findings have revealed in detailed facts that forte Is not yet signed to any record label

Although it has been outlawed for any artist to use the N & B word, Forte continues to amplify his notoriety with intricate cyphers, simple rhymes and dynamic partings.

He is is not a battle rapper even though engaging him will live you a dieing man in a croc infested nile, He is definitely worth the attention.

poet forte (3 years ago)
this track is not going to make it to the animated debut for its explicit content.

poet forte (3 years ago)
djs can cop this for the all nighters but this is not getting queued for the executive class.

poet forte (3 years ago)
#Animated will be released on itunes in due time. Download forte - Roll With Me ft simon -- http://t.co/TlShxKWJl7 --

poet forte (3 years ago)
âª#âAnimated⬠will be released on itunes in due time. Download forte - Roll With Me ft simon -- http://t.co/TlShxKWJl7 --

kasidy (3 years ago)
Guy you good 2AFFA8F8. Ping bro

poet forte (2 years ago)
get the whole album "Animated by Poet Forte from itunes" >> https://itunes.apple.com/ng/album/animated/id1017716300 PLEASE SHARE THIS POST.

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