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Broadway Aradia - skinny love
3.21mb, 03:27, 125kbit, 19834 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Alternative  Acoustic  

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Shared by broadway-aradia 6 years ago
broadway-aradia (6 years ago)
man i got really upset and went flat a few times

oh well! here's the lyrics:

c0me 0n skinny l0ve just end this here
y0u will carry 0n ill disappear
my my my
rinse my bl00d fr0m y0ur hands and persevere

i t0ld my l0ve t0 let me g0
d0nt ask what c0uld have been well never kn0w
my my my
but when i was with y0u i was h0me

i t0ld y0u t0 be patient and i t0ld y0u t0 be kind
i t0ld y0u t0 keep fighting t0ld y0u things w0uld be alright

and ill always be with y0u but itll be a different kind
ill be there when y0u f0rget me and when its y0ur turn t0 die

c0me 0n skinny l0ve d0nt m0urn f0r me
because i will live 0n in y0ur mem0ry
my my my
that a l0ve like 0urs w0uld end like this

i t0ld y0u t0 be patient and i t0ld y0u t0 be kind
i t0ld y0u t0 keep fighting t0ld y0u things w0uld be alright

in y0ur arms as i was dying made y0u swear that y0u w0uld try
and y0u pr0mised and y0u kissed me
0n the hand f0r the last time

she will l0ve y0u
y0ull be fine
and y0u will leave me behind

c0me 0n skinny l0ve
my my my

Kaleuh (6 years ago)
Your voice is stunning! <3

wwands (6 years ago)
Absolutely gorgeous voice and the lyrics are really great. I admit I started crying listening to this the first time, you really carried the emotion well. <3

datSerket (6 years ago)
Officially now my head cannon for aradia......*crys little*

mentallyDobious (6 years ago)
oh dear.. you drain me for words... i love your voice.

broadway-aradia (6 years ago)
thank you so much guys! that means a lot C:

alwayshomestuck (6 years ago)
Your beautiful voice <3 IT MAKES ME SO EMOTIONAL!!! x) I love this Song. And I love Aradia <3 xoxo

ridiculuce (6 years ago)
this is positively astounding.

melodicDreamer (6 years ago)
So many Sol<3Ara feels with this song... ;A;
Your voice is beautiful, and just... ahhhh... I think the times you fell flat a little just... added to the emotion, and I wound up crying a bit...

BehindBlueEyes (6 years ago)
My feels...
Just take them...

FeLyre (6 years ago)

beepbeepmeow (5 years ago)
I cried the first time I listened to this song... Your voice is absolutely incredible and you can hear all of the feelings and wow it just makes me incredibly sad <3 you are amazing

blueRain (5 years ago)
I just want to say before I began listening to you all I cared about was that my notes had to be perfect but now, I'm learning how to put feeling in my voice. You are one of the best voices I've ever heard...and I like the way you went flat it added even more feeling :) Keep singing, you are a gift to the world. ^^

Kutenchuchu (5 years ago)
dang at that last part all my feels just poured out :T

Optiic Bla2t (5 years ago)
I just... I can't even.. I want to cry... I love this so much. Oh my cod. Thank you for this. fkhashlfk

mzmzlapis4 (5 years ago)
oh it's so good, no more me!;;;;;;

intravertedGamer (5 years ago)
Like so many other people have said, I loved the times when you went flat. I feel like my heart breaks in a different place every time I listen to one of your songs.

animangeleon (5 years ago)
This breaks my heart..

ambear of time (4 years ago)
Aksbfnfujdh. QoQ Love! Your my headcanon for ara-sama now! QuQ

T3RM1N4LLYC4PR1C10US (4 years ago)
Seriously, this is sad... Crying as I type... I love your voice, it's so beautiful and expressive...

KinkyNarryCupcakes (3 years ago)
This makes me cry

Zoruakat (3 years ago)
Gorgeous voice and well-written lyrics...
Excuse me while I go wipe away my tears and die in a corner...
Geez... T~T

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