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Firefly99 - fantroll song
2.81mb, 02:02, 187kbit, 4047 downloads
Genre(s): Folk  Homestuck  Comedy  

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Shared by Firefly99 7 years ago
spacetimeCounselor (7 years ago)
Batman c3< Ophiuchus/Vriska OTP

Rhedbird (7 years ago)
Oh, this is glorious. You deserve all the internets. All of them.

TheEmptypot (7 years ago)
;-; So beautiful.

Pemm (7 years ago)
oh god this is too fantastic i'm dyin

spacetimeCounselor (7 years ago)
Her blood is like a rainbow
It flows in every colour
She looks just like Kanaya, but
Exponentially hotter
She lives upon the land
But has a mansion underwater
She's my fantroll, and she's mine.

She knows Karkat's blood color
Because she used to kiss him!
Eridan is enthralled with
The sweet sound of her singin'
And you should see the way she types
Each character's a Wingding!
She's my fantroll, and she's mine.

Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus
She's from my fan AU-verse
If you steal her, I'll get furious
She's my fantroll, and she's mine.

She has a hundred horns and
Sixty six of them have bows on
She listens to Troll Bieber
And to Troll Children of Bodom

She something something something whenever she sees something
Firefly99, can you clarify?

She's my fantroll, and she's mine.

Her lusus is an angel
She's flushed with Tavros Nitram
Her kismesis is Vriska, 'cause
Bisexuals are hot, and then
Her moirail is Violent J
Their auspistice is Batman
She's my fantroll, and she's mine.

If you hate her, you're just fussy
Cloned from Bec and Andrew Hussie
Gained troll DNA from Gamzee
All you haters, you disgust me
Do you understand the feeling
Work I put into RPing?
My fantroll soars like an eagle
'Till you dump her on Trollmegle.

Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus
She's from my fan AU-verse
If you steal her, I'll get furious
She's my fantroll, and she's mine.

Firefly99 (7 years ago)
@spacetimeCounselor - The line you couldn't get is 'She makes her kid cry on IM
Whenever she sees Rose on'.

Cynder the Rose (7 years ago)
Hah! I love your voice, it's amazing, and awesome song. Just amazing.

ascendedMudkip (7 years ago)
I love you.
Impregnate me.

eternitarianSerpent (7 years ago)
This is perfection and I love you.

ubiquitousUndulation (7 years ago)
Omfaguh. This is beautiful.
How many ophiuchuses do we have? XP

Nomuroid (7 years ago)
Dear Jesus, marry me.

spacetimeCounselor (7 years ago)
So you know how sometimes you see a thing, and it makes you want to do some other thing, and then you do it and you're real impressed with yourself but then you look at it and it turns out wait you don't what is music and you do a bad job probably?

PriffyViole (7 years ago)
This song is now on my Sims 3 Custom Song station.

CaseyAndTheConsorts (6 years ago)

I've covered you! Holy shit!

epicneko1 (6 years ago)
xD this is silly~

crazeexd (6 years ago)
This is perfect beyond belief! The theme song for fail fantrolls! XD

10low (6 years ago)
I'm not trying to offend you but i don't like this song. At all. All that you're doing is bragging about your fantroll! You're sating how she is better than every other troll! This is a very annoying song and it has been in my head all fucking day! And all i'm doing is stating my opinion, call me a troll or anything you like! im just stating what i think

crazeexd (6 years ago)
@10low i hope you know that this is a song making fun of bad fantrolls, right?

notepadgirl (5 years ago)
This is ridiculous and stutid! Her name has more than 6 letters!! So not-cannon! It's a lie.

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