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lolitsgriff - [s] Karkat: Sleep
2.13mb, 02:19, 125kbit, 13033 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Spiritual  Speech  

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Shared by vascudcrisis 7 years ago
BalledKalilee (7 years ago)
My heaaaarrtt /crai

arbitraryMango (7 years ago)
Oh god. Whyyy. ;A;
My eyes were starting to tear up at the beggining.... but the end just...

craftyHeiress (7 years ago)
Oh gog. It's so beautiful. I didn't cry while I read the update. I managed to hold back. I didn't cry checking my Tumblr and discussing it with my friends. I didn't cry when people posted obligatory Terezi and Karkat comics. But this fucking broke me. I cried so damn hard, I thought I was going to be sick. This is amazing and I love and hate it so much.

Freedom231 (7 years ago)
I think I'm gunna die!! TTnTT

TheEmptypot (7 years ago)
Why do you do this to me? Why?! ;-;

Henka-chan (7 years ago)
:'D lol you beat me to it haha now there are two goodbyes :'(

Kyra Fawxe (7 years ago)
URL is perfect. This recording trod all over my heart.

Noxcursor (7 years ago)
Oh gog. I haven't cried this hard in a while. It's just so sweet and the end just made me cry so hard. this is amazing If it where me doing this it would be so hard not to choke and and start crying.

Zalias (7 years ago)
I'm making a fic where all the Trolls are dead, so it doesn't really matter... But THIS. Wow. I'm NEVER going to let KK "die" this down. If only he knew his friends were happy in their bubbles... He's never gonna hear the end of this.

vascudcrisis (7 years ago)
fun fact this took 5 takes because I sobbed through the first 4

HotTang (7 years ago)
i will cry my self to sleep now.

marth141 (7 years ago)

ZethRina (7 years ago)
I was tearing up through that whole thing
BUT THAT "I love you" at the end is what got me to start blubbering like an idiot ;__;

Split Personalities (7 years ago)
I want to make Terezi's last words, but I would hate myself, but what I think I can do I might put up. But this, this made me start crying into my ice cream and I hate/love you now.

caddyl (7 years ago)
bluh, http://tindeck.com/listen/zppu why did i even.
brilliant recording, wish mine was half as good, haha!

caddyl (7 years ago)
that awkward moment when it doesn't upload properly and you have to comment again....

... http://tindeck.com/listen/buej ;;

ChibiKitten1 (7 years ago)
I..I...This made me..cry... I feel so...so empty inside, now that they're gone :(
At the end when Karkat said I love you, thats when I lost it ;n;

Crumblehop (7 years ago)
Beautifully done and well executed. Didn't cry, but that doesn't mean you didn't do a good job of it.
I actually think that the fact I didn't cry made it even better.

kitsunaii (7 years ago)
I.. ;3;

I still love you and your Karkat but wry so depressingggg D:

minkster (7 years ago)
congratulations. i have not yet cried about anything homestuck related although i came close a couple of times.
but i am bawling at this. so hard.

Shenkkazoo (7 years ago)
I almost never cry but dammit this is so sad I couldn't help it

BlueberryRhymes (7 years ago)
; m ; -cries-

Rabid_HomeStuck_Fan_Girl (7 years ago)
why u do this ;A; this is to saddddddd

ToxicPanic (7 years ago)
I can't stop laughing.

darkmoon (7 years ago)
awww so sad! When I was reading the update I was crying and was like "No,our fearless leader and my favorite troll why!!!"

SchizoRainbow (7 years ago)

I love you so much for doing this ;~;

Jesscookie (7 years ago)

Miggles (7 years ago)
I'm trying to to cry.

I'm failing. ;-;

ostentatiousChaos (7 years ago)
Man, I almost kept my cool. But those last lines. ;____; And that mental image.

artyfartyLunatic (7 years ago)
Oh man
I can't stop crying
they're just
they keep going

Nozzyall (7 years ago)
i'll punch you in the dick, i can't stop crying now )':

BL1NDJUST1C3 (7 years ago)
oh my gosh. i'm bawling right now. this is both amazing and awful at the same time. my heart. my HEEEAARRT!

for those who keep asking for terezi's goodbye:

starexorcist did an incredible job. it fits perfectly with this, imo.

Lillithium (7 years ago)

SirPhallus (7 years ago)
Whoops, sobbing.

recreater6000 (7 years ago)
brb dying of heartbreak

prismchan (7 years ago)
I actually did what I thought Terezi would say if Karkat kind of stopped talking first. It's sad and I almost went kaboom when I was recording it. ; x ;

MrMonochromatic (7 years ago)
Maaaaaan, just when I got over Terezi's goodbye, I find this and it starts up again. I'm going to be a sap all week, at this rate.

You both have amazing skills in acting, I really liked this as well as hers.

Raihou (7 years ago)
Oh god this made me tear up something bad. I never cry...It takes an awful lot to get me to do it, but I...I just... Aaagh.. *sobs*

KyoChu (7 years ago)
; ; im crying now! whyd you have to do this!? its so sad.... aw.... omg....

AngelDelight (7 years ago)
This is so very amazing.
All my tears.
all of them.

Your voice is my headcanon.

this...I just can't even begin to explain how much I love this.

Moraya1245 (7 years ago)
keep crying
right now
head canon voice
i could fall asleep to this

k1tt3ny (6 years ago)
all of my t-tears...
;; </3

bromancetastic (6 years ago)
omg my tears...they're pouring

PalaceOfChairs (6 years ago)
I didn't cry until I heard the last words, then I lost it, gahhhhh
This is beautiful ;;

Kyntello (6 years ago)
We done yet.
Christ, these kids never shut up, do they?
I think I'll make an example of this one.
Maybe then I won't have to put up with this shit anymore.

asuka (6 years ago)
; n;

Verisimilitude (6 years ago)
Welp. That was pretty freakin' heart-wrenching.
I was not expecting this when I clicked it from the recommendation page for Homestuck on TV Tropes.

homestuck56 (6 years ago)
A-all the feels ;___;

homestuck56 (5 years ago)
so many freakin flarping hckvhifhvf feels!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dersitedorks (5 years ago)
;_; This is so awesome

fangirl6309 (5 years ago)
T-T omg i normally dont cry but, well i did

solarAllegiance (3 years ago)
I didn´t cry, but I swear my heart broke

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