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Broadway Roxy (Inky) - Drinking It Down (Big In Japan)
2.98mb, 03:15, 125kbit, 10623 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Dance  House  

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Shared by inkystuck 6 years ago
inkystuck (6 years ago)
my first song as broadwayroxy !
hope you think it is appropriately bomb ass, etc.


last nite i partied a bit 2 hard
its not quite comin back to me so far
i walked as i slept, an i know itll sound bizarre
oh, but its the end of the world

plz believe me
theres scientific proof
our fucking planets
about to blow thru the roof
theres just 1 thign
that i think we should do
pour some scotch on the rox, 4 me and for u

(liek on the rox
like me

we're gonna die
so i;m drinking it down
im drinkinit down

its u an me
and we're drinkin it down
we;re drinking it down

now you know i/m not the type
2 be unaware
that gamez a recipe for danger
but u just dont care

the batterwitch is real
this aint no delusion
im tryin 2 get the facts
but shit is pretty confusin

ill blow up your computer
if it comes to that
ill appearify a book
onto my fucking cat

do you get it jane
fuck ur cute when youre ashamed
but ths is NO TIME 2 FLIRT

last night i partied a bit too hard
it's not quite coming back 2 me so far
i walked as i slept, an i kno itll sound bizarre
oh but its the end of the world

so grab a shot glass
call up english an dirk
if we;re 2 play that game
we gotta make this work
ill run that fucking file, but lets just face it
the only way im doin it is CRUNK ASS SHWASTED

we're gonna die
so im drinking it down
im drinkin it down

its u and me
and we're drinking it down
we;re drinking it down

wer gonna die
so im drinkin it down
drinking it down

its u + me
and we're drinking it down
drinking it down

dirnking it dwon
drinkin i t down

dirking it down
drinking it down

DMLunatic (6 years ago)
Wow you're fast! [S] Roxy: Sleepwalk was two days ago! (o)_(o)

Also I adored Start The Party, and this one doesn't disappoint! I'm really pleased that you got Broadway Roxy!

shes leik so fukin kickass its unreel

inkystuck (6 years ago)
yo i hop on shit
just churning dese tunez out

i'm really pleased i got broadway roxy too ! she's an awesome character and her personality sets her up for some seriously hilarious and kickass songs. :) i'm reaally really psyched for the part.

thanks for listening and commenting ! <3

empathcPrecog (6 years ago)
Hey~~ Rox.. Hey! Roxyyyyyy!
I got a request, if you take them. Raise your glass! XD
Or if Roxy's ever SOBER...
Sober. :D

IronG (6 years ago)
fufufu you were drunk by the end of all that drinking. Fourth last line in the lyrics, "drinking it dwon". I repeat fufufu.

inkystuck (6 years ago)
empathcprecog- i love pink yo. can do. :) i got a ton of irons in the fire at the moment but that sounds pretty legit :)

irong- absolut-ly. at one point she is "dirking it down" as well.

Holly (6 years ago)
Ohh this is so great! I love that it's not just about "lol roxy is tits durnk", but about the game and how Jane's doesn't believe her and the batterwitch, but the song is still very happy and perky and fun!!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
yessss ! thanks so much, holly, it's really important to me that broadwayroxy's character is expressed beyond "lmao wasted" because although i think that trait is hilarious, roxy is clearly way more than that :) i really appreciate your comment ! :):)

Masoncorps (6 years ago)
lol I like crazy things like this :)

karklesvantas (6 years ago)
df,ylnhjtj;odrnhygtfnm legid i love this 5everrrrr

inkystuck (6 years ago)
masoncorps- thanks ! there will be tons more ahahaha :)

karklesvantas- i'm glad ! thanks for leaving a commment :):)

GrimdarkGamzee (6 years ago)
I love this!!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
thanks so much ! i'm glad ! <3

Blargh11 (6 years ago)
New head canon please? Oh, look. I has one.

inkystuck (6 years ago)
AWESOME ! haha i'm really glad you like my roxy voice, she's one of my favourite characters !! :)

MyrnaMaeve (6 years ago)
You are my headcanon Roxy voice. It is you.

allusionControl (5 years ago)
It took a month to find it, but here it is <3

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