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Broadway Feferi - Happy Glubbing Song
1.94mb, 02:06, 125kbit, 116 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Soundtrack  Pop  

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Shared by roxrezi 2 years ago
roxrezi (2 years ago)
Album art: http://ikimaru.tumblr.com

Lyrics: http://tindeck.com/listen/njua

All right everyone, it’s time that we get motivated!

Come my fishy fronds
As we all sing a happy little glubbing song
Merry little voices clear and strong
Come and flip your fins now,
So to speak, and pitch in
There’s roleplaying in addition!
As we sing along

Krill a cheery tune
And get ready the harpoon
While we win t)(is game
Come and join us without any shame!
As we all exclaim
In our little glubbing song

Through the stormy seas we sail
The session so shortsighted
Wilth my fishy fronds, and Whale,
It gets me so -EXCIT-ED!

How we all enjoy letting loose with a little
La-la-la, glub glub! 38D
While we’re stuck inside the game, Sgrub
It’s such fun to )(um
A happy glubbing song
A happy glubbing song!

Oh, how strange a brand new race
Out there from outer space
We’re here uniting
Still, as long as they are here
I reely shell bereef t)(at
There will be no fighting
Oh, how delighting!

You could do a lot when you’ve got
Such a bubbly little tune to hum
Come along now, do not look so glum
You will feel fintastic
Once all this is over
So fronds get a little bolder!
We’re a happy glubbing song

Singing as I cull with my culling fork
Having all this fun, and get back to work
Sing along
If you cannot sing then carp along
As we’re finishing our happy glubbing song!

Ah, don’t you all feel better now? 38)

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