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Octopimp - Gamzee Ringtone
232kb, 00:15, 118kbit, 60105 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Homestuck  Comedy  

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Shared by Octopimp 6 years ago
VriskaFanGirl306 (6 years ago)
This has to be my favorite xD

AmberIsMe (6 years ago)
How would I download this to my phone..?

kimrenya (6 years ago)
How the heck to you get this onto your phone?

Kurea01 (6 years ago)
Okay so not many people know how to put this on your phone so I'll tell you C:

1. log on to your email

2. Say your cell phone number is 123-456-7891
type it into the "To" as 123456781@vzwpix.com (the first three numbers are your area code >;])

3. Attach the music file to the email

4. Send

And TA-DA!!! Thats it! Hopes it works! Good luck ^^

hokage0kitt (6 years ago)
Wish I could get it on my iphone :c.

Differential (6 years ago)
iPhones require a bit of a work-around since you need the .m4r extension on the file, but this is how I get my custom ringtones (Windows):

1) Save the .mp3 file
2) Open the file in Audacity or a similar program (Audacity is free)
3) Without changing anything, export the file again and set the file type to M4A (AAC)
4) Make sure file extensions are visible in Windows Explorer (Folder Options > View > Uncheck "Hide extensions") and find the converted file
5) Edit the file name to change .m4a to .m4r
6) Confirm that you want to change the extension
7) Open the file in iTunes and it will be sent to the "Tones" tab automatically
8) Sync your iPhone and voila! The file will show up in your ringtone library.

Hope that helps!

CatNep (6 years ago)
New ringtone? I think so.

kojilover12 (4 years ago)
Can anyone help me with downloading it to the samsung gio?

Vantas (2 years ago)
How the in world... How do you put a ringtone into my IPad?

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