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HSV - CronKri (NSFW)
7.08mb, 07:43, 125kbit, 20518 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Easy Listening  Vocal  

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Shared by HomesmutVoices 5 years ago
AscendDescend (5 years ago)

AscendDescend (5 years ago)

tacopiggy75 (5 years ago)
*screams* XD

MaskedOtaku (5 years ago)
I now ship this voice.

nevahmind (5 years ago)
Head canon cronus and krankri voice~ *passesoutbecauseofamazingness*

HeirOfHeart (5 years ago)
dat cronus voice...\(OuO)/ praise the lord!

nneko-chan (5 years ago)
"You are /NOT/ sticking that in me"

I died

Ravemasta (4 years ago)
....I think Im in love w/ Cronus' voice. I swear I could listen to him talk all day ;033

TheLandOfCrappyVAandMusic (4 years ago)
/(^=°^°=^)\<I love all of these.ALL OF THEM.

Sweetlittlehomestuck (4 years ago)
I love cronus and kankris vocie...they turn me.on

Vincey (4 years ago)
Hm... How big is Cronus' bulge, anyway?

Vincey (4 years ago)
*Tackle-Hugs him*
I wuv you Cronus~! >u<

DeejayTeajay (4 years ago)
ADD Deejay Teajay Muzic Ent. pin:278132fc

Foxy-Sierra (4 years ago)
Oh dear fucking gog...

Meulinbby (4 years ago)
This is nice... This is VERY nice... e we

YaoiPrince (3 years ago)
I'm really disturbed by the fact that Kankri talks to himself when hi jerks off...

twinArmageddonsII (1 year ago)
Thii2 ii2 pretty damn hot and cronus you are two damn hot!

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