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OtO (6 years ago)

Oooh… Oooh…

When you were a youngling, Mother found you there.

Cold and scared and lonely and no lusus to care.

No one to protect you, I took you in my arms.

Only thing I could say;

“I’ll keep you safe from harm.”

Oooh…. Oooh…

Such a quiet child who grew into a man.

A brave young troll with kindness who helped all those who can.

Found a friend and matesprit to keep yourself warm.

I just smiled and thought;

“He is safe from harm…”

Ideals were shattered, war had taken bloom.

You made a Rebellion weaved right from the loom.

Highbloods getting angry, shaken from their frames.

Only darkness and pain, the anger and pain,

The BLOOD and the pain.

I watched as they put you in chains.

In chains!

As they murdered you in those chains…

When you were a youngling, Mother found you there.

Don’t regret that action, never will I care.

I might be a slave now, you in death’s charm.

But the only thing I can say;

“Forgive me,

I couldn’t keep you from harm.”

broadwaytz (6 years ago)
I'm about to cry, this is beautiful :)

theMilitant (6 years ago)

historicthrenody (5 years ago)
This was not ok.
This was better then ok.
You have a beautiful beautiful voice.

MISKARIEL (5 years ago)
;_; feelings... snif

keltzy (4 years ago)
This is so beautiful! I would kill to do a cover of it ; ;

crazeexd (4 years ago)
This fucked me up bravo

)(0M-32TUCK (3 years ago)
Poor Dolorosa 8'(
I am crying!!!!!!!!!!! I love this song!!!! It's SO sad!!!!

)(0M-32TUCK (3 years ago)
Im the official Dolorosa of Quotev!!!!
This is officially my theme song! And I will give all credit to OtO!!!

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