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off-broadway aradia - when he l0ved me
3.16mb, 03:16, 125kbit, 11537 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Easy Listening  Acoustic  

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Shared by broadway-aradia 6 years ago
broadway-aradia (6 years ago)

when s0meb0dy l0ved me
everything was beautiful
every h0ur we spent t0gether lives within my heart
and when he was sadr
i was there t0 dry his tears
and when he was happy
s0 was i
when he l0ved me

0ver endless perigees
we had each 0ther him and me
the tw0 0f us t0gether
like it was meant t0 be

and when he was l0nely
i was there t0 c0mf0rt him
and i knew that he l0ved me

then 0ne starry night
everything changed
and i watched him drift away
i was left al0ne
still i waited f0r the day
when he'd say i will always l0ve y0u

l0nely and f0rg0tten
never th0ught hed l00k my way
and he smiled at me and held me like he used t0 d0
like he l0ved me
when he l0ved me

when s0meb0dy l0ved me
everything was beautiful
every h0ur we spent t0gether lives within my heart

when he l0ved me

Squishable (6 years ago)
;A; damn, this is amazing.

alwayshomestuck (6 years ago)
I CANT EVE... I... <3 ;_;

artistsParadise (6 years ago)

Kellys2cool (6 years ago)
Ahhhh, It's okay, I just overflowed the room with my tears but I'll probably get it cleaned up later T.T

Maxria (6 years ago)
Oh my gosh that was perfection :O

lexiecami (6 years ago)
I literally started crying the first time I heard this. Especially with someone's animation with it omg I drowned in my own tears.

The animation = http://youtu.be/PZZZ4_UGyxI

nep (6 years ago)
it's awesome! Q.Q

gamzeemakara123 (5 years ago)
im crying! :(

Tyranecia (5 years ago)
If I had a soul, it would have been ripped out by now.
Why would you do this to me?!
Love this, keep it up.

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