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off-broadway aradia - my b0y hears v0ices
3.14mb, 03:00, 125kbit, 12101 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Alternative  Acoustic  

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Shared by broadway-aradia 6 years ago
coal (6 years ago)
Beautiful as always

farina (6 years ago)
This is really lovely. <3

AllenWalker3454 (5 years ago)
What is the original song to this?

AllenWalker3454 (5 years ago)
My boy hears voices of the soon to be dead,
They echo and clammer and scream in his head.
They won't let him love and they won't let him play.
He keeps them a secret when I ask what they say.

My boy hears voices of high and the low
Doomed soon to die but they'll never know.
It's just his burden, thatâs what he said.
Won't tell a soul what goes on in his head.

My boy hears voices of death and decay,
He can't block `em out. The price he will pay.
To do for himself, and for me too.
One of these day's he's gunna hear you.

He'll hear you.
He'll hear you.
He'll hear you.

My boy hears voices and I know that it hurts.
I say it's a blessing, but I know itâs a curse.
Meddling blue, he's got two minds at war.
I look at my window and he screams at my door.

My boy hears voices and I think it's a shame.
Just let me die, and don't take the blame.
I know he loves me, He knows I care.
He shot me down and it just isn't fair.

My boy hears voices of peace and your play,
And you get in his head, but I will make you pay.
Because you made him cry, and you've hurt me too.
And one of these days I will come for you.

For you.
For you.
For you.
For you.

eridanprincess (5 years ago)
@AllenWalker3454: The original song is My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence + the Machine.

jasper853 (4 years ago)
I just recently discovered your beautiful songs and this is my personal favorite! This song just breaks my heart!! All of your Aradia songs are just absolutely magnificent, but terribly sad! I cried when I first heard this, it's just so emotional! It's even worse when my favorite troll is Aradia and my otp is Arasol!

Cyndro (4 years ago)
I totally ship "Doomed Timeline"

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