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Kylee Henke and totalspiffage - Getting Vengeance
7.37mb, 03:35, 156kbit, 10370 downloads
Genre(s): Rock  Homestuck  Vocal  

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Shared by KyleeHenke 5 years ago
animangeleon (5 years ago)
This is awesome!

megumi459 (5 years ago)
Oh my god this is amazing O_O

gard3ngnostic (5 years ago)
Oh Wow this is sweet

fluorescentFeline (5 years ago)
Two of my favorite voice actors singing together, this is so great uwu

noay94 (5 years ago)
Just wow.

Ravemasta (5 years ago)
She sounds like Emilie Autumn in the beginning :0DD

lynxshadowstalker (5 years ago)
Wow, my two favorite Homestuck artists singing a Homestuck parody of one of my favorite Evanscence songs ... Life is GOOD!!

Creepy-Otaki (4 years ago)
0-0 this....is...just...so...EPIC!! ;0;

aradia_megid0 (4 years ago)
*Dies* This is the best thing ever!

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