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Kylee Henke - Hivebent
3.69mb, 04:01, 125kbit, 12221 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  

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Shared by KyleeHenke 6 years ago
Nikkister (6 years ago)
This is so amazing I am in great awe. The feeling, the lyrics, your voice, your talent! I really think you can go far..

lilypad553 (6 years ago)
if this had mentioned the human
s of the story it could be the homestuck intro

Bezbozny (6 years ago)
I feel unworthy to be followed by this. Truely beautiful.

inez58846 (6 years ago)
wow this is just outstanding! although i like the lyrics to gingertime's "alternia with lyrics" a it better. but still this is amazing!

psychofuzz (6 years ago)
These...these are tears in my eyes...

Blaperile (6 years ago)

dundee998 (6 years ago)
Little too snarky in some places to get the real feeling I got from this song, but even with the joke lyrics it's STILL gorgeous and beautiful and my god that VOICE.

extremeCrayonist (6 years ago)
This gave me goose bumps-- in a good way. Ohh gosh. You have such a pretty voice and I just
All I can say is ahhhh

Capricorn_Monster (6 years ago)
....I just died of happiness ;A; <3

Terrorantula (6 years ago)
Wow . . .

DMLunatic (6 years ago)
Sing this to my future children. This is the ultimate way to keep HS's legacy going.

NepetaNitram (6 years ago)
So...awesome. Amazing.
But so sad. It makes me think of all the death. </3

Holly (6 years ago)
I'm so glad Homestuck is a thing.

tarusianFangrrl (5 years ago)
The goosebumps will not stop. Seriously. This is amazingly perfect.

PolarSway (5 years ago)
You, Me, married. Now.

)(0M-32TUCK (3 years ago)
Once upon a time but
Not so long ago
There once lived a humble race
Called the Alternian trolls

Now you see these trolls were
Not so different from you and me
Though their parents were beasts
And they dreamed murderous dreams

Come now sit down closer
And I'll tell you this epic tale
Of the time when young trolls ruled their world
And love was measured in pales

Everyone, capital, like some snacks, butter popcorn
Pull up some easy chairs cause'
You are in for the story of a lifetime
And it's really freaking long

You'll learn all about their blood hemospectrum
Rainbows! In their veins
Candy corn on top of their heads
They're hormonal teenages

Then, we'll talk about the wonderfull quadrants
Anternian romance
Matesprit, kismesis, moirail
And the three-way auspestis

And, oh, there's so much more that I can tell
Life is not so easy
When you are a troll
But despite their hardships, they still kick ass and save the day

They'll find happiness, happiness someday
And the so begins our little story
Which I'd like to call HIVEBENT

)(0M-32TUCK (3 years ago)

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