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Terezi stucking - So Much Better (a Legally Blonde parody)
3.37mb, 03:40, 125kbit, 588 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Comedy  Homestuck  

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Shared by blackSparrow 4 years ago
blackSparrow (4 years ago)
A parody of yet another song that I love from an obscure, slightly embarrassing musical. >:]


So Much Better

All of this time, I tried
To stay by your side,
To keep you on parole

You'd come to respect my mind,
and at last you'd find,
You could learn self-control

But now you’ve turned my whole world dark and blind
Just to strike the final blow.
This cycle of revenge
Was far as we can go...


What is this new thing in my head?
Does this mean that my mom's not dead?
Is this a mistake?
Am I even awake?
Pinch me now to make sure


Yes that's my mom and she's just fine
Feel how she's opening up my mind
She's showing me ways
To smell and to taste
Things I've always ignored
WOW! I see so much better than before!


Sorry I've been a pest
But I guess my best
Was just bound for repeal
But looks like the case is done
And you're right, I won
With the better deal

(Vriska: What are you talking about?)

Hey remember when
We spent that perigee hunting trolls each night? (every night)
We said nothing else
Could ever feel so right
Well this might!

Seeing you in this brand new way
It beats out every perp we slayed
You thought I was done
But it seems that someone's
Judgment was poor!
Seeing your shock through this new sense
It's like breaking through their last defense
It feels so much better
I'm much better
It's 1, 2, 3... 8 times much better!
'cause I am so much better
than before
(Yes, she's so much better than before
Yes, she's so much better than before)

Maybe it was worth the thrill
Hope you don't miss the team you killed
Maybe you will change your mind
But you might look up to find
I've gone on to better sport
Better trolls and bigger courts
I don't have the time to cry
I'm too busy loving my gift from my lusus
No other girl can see like this
Who else can I troll?
HA! I think I know!
He will fall on the floor


Look at my eyes' delicious red
There's a new flavor for each friend
And I see so much better
That's right, much better
Vriska made my life much better
I am so much better!

I'll be the best FLARPer ever seen
Better than thieves or pirate queens
Leave the game to its debts
I am destined for more!

I'll legislacerate all night
I have not yet begun to fight
And I'll smell foes much better
And know much better
And see justice done so much better!

I am so much better
(I am so much better)
I am so much better
(I am so much)
I am so much better
Than before!

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