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MuM - Upward Movement From Hell
4.11mb, 04:29, 125kbit, 16867 downloads
Genre(s): Game  Classical  Hip-hop  

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Shared by myusernamesmud 7 years ago
KaliLTD (7 years ago)
well you basically just completed the idea i had in my head while i made the song

i love you

Ledundead (7 years ago)
Later, buddy...

Bonzi77 (7 years ago)


Kaiser Rio (7 years ago)
Oh hell yes

InfiniteBladeWorks (7 years ago)
This makes me want to kick all kinds of ass.

terminally-honk (7 years ago)
This starts out epic....

gets more epic...

and then makes me shit bricks :D

ectoBiologician (7 years ago)
it seems a bit busy to me but i like the concept and i really want it to work. maybe it just needs some tweaking, like the piano during the rap.. well it almost feels like three songs playing at once when the opera vocals, rap, and hs music start all at once.

NoobOfLore (7 years ago)
I think some bits need some rebalancing, to keep it from sounding so freaking chaotic later on.

extrateresticle (7 years ago)

Ectava (7 years ago)
That picture in your icon... from where dist thou obtain it?

Miggles (7 years ago)
Fuck yeah KamiDave.

manboat (7 years ago)
It's beautiful.

Doodled (7 years ago)
I love how you changed the key of Upward Movement to match the feel of the song.

Poketoa (7 years ago)

gener8 (6 years ago)
oh my god

Zaliea (6 years ago)
Can you please post the lyrics?

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