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Kylee Henke - Sakura-Con (FRIDAY)
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Genre(s): Pop  Comedy  Dance  

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Shared by KyleeHenke 6 years ago
KyleeHenke (6 years ago)
- -[LYRICS]- -

7 A.M.wakin' up in the morning, gotta get up, gotta grab my badge

Gotta get my wig, gotta wear my cosplay

"Oh my god what is that bright thing in the sky?"

The nerds come out, everybody's rushin'

Gotta get down to Seattle, gotta carpool with my otaku friends

Sora in the front seat, Edward in the back seat

Gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take?


It's time for anime, anime, gotta get me some anime

Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend

Anime, anime, jonesin' for some anime

Everybody's looking forward to the weekend

Cosplayin' cosplayin' (yeah!)

Cosplayin' cosplayin' (yeah!)

Fun, fun, fun, fun

Looking forward to Sakura-Con!

- - - -

7:45, I'm in the Artist Alley, spending so fast I want time to fly

Art, art, think about art, you know what it is

Oh my god so much stuff I want to buy everything

Oh my god so much stuff, there go my life savings

Miku in the front seat, Italy in the back seat

Gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take?


Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday

Today it is Friday, Friday

We, we, we so excited, we so excited, gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards

I don't want this weekend to end!

(Chorus x2)

KitKatInTheHat (6 years ago)
I wish I lived somewhere remotely on the west coast. But I don't. FML DX

IronG (6 years ago)
This really make me wish ANIMENORTH (Canadian convention in may) was sooner, but noooo I still need to wait,um one second.....61 days still.T-T I want it nooooooooooow~.

meili-deDraco (6 years ago)
Hey, Kylee, I ask since you sang and posted this; are you actually going to be going to Sakura-con?

KyleeHenke (6 years ago)
I sure am! I'm gonna have an Artist Alley table!

KooriTora (5 years ago)
Oh, man. I went to Sakura Con. I wish I knew about you back then.

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