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Kylee Henke & Kitsubasa - Prince Eri
2.94mb, 02:53, 125kbit, 12781 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Vocal  Comedy  

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Shared by KyleeHenke 5 years ago
animangeleon (5 years ago)
Omfg yeeeeess

Ravemasta (5 years ago)
X0DD dude not 10days ago my bro played Aladdin in music theatre @ school, and 2day my friend mentioned this song

BlueMidnightX (5 years ago)
Post lyrics please? ; U ;
I can't get the lyrics off Tumblr.

NiyuuVampire (5 years ago)
0_0 what fuckery is this? XD

lynxshadowstalker (5 years ago)
ROFLMFAI AHAHAHAHAHAHHA . . .EHEHEHEHEHEHE . . OH GODS . . . (my gut hurts now . . .)

meliakp (5 years ago)
Here's the lyrics for the song
[Troll chorus]
Make way for Prince Eri!
Say ‘hey’, it’s Prince Eri!

Hey, clear the way on the meteor
Oh, I can’t believe that we got this chore
See once back in time, claimed he’d never get this far
Make way, here he comes, ring bells, bang the drumser3e4s3w3awsewq24323q3q2q1q3212212 121
Now I’m proven wrong, don’t laugh!

Prince Eri, fabulous he
Eridan Amp’ra
Not a joke
Call it a hoax
Once so did we
And while I see you’re all calm
Cheer up or he’ll do you harm
Yes; celebrate with myself and miss Feferi!

Yeah, Eridan!!

Prince Eri, fishy is he
Eridan Amp’ra
Now he’s stuck
Dressed like a duck

He fought with Scratch in his lair
Ascended up all the tiers
Slain on his bed, reappeared as
Prince Eri

[Vriska+troll chorus]
He’s got rifles: a champion sniper
And great magic: a wizard is he

When it comes to his blood, he is violet
He’s better than you
Highblood, it’s true
Wanna be with him? In your dreams!

Prince Eri, handsome is he
Eridan Amp’ra
Yellow hood
Doesn’t look good
Matching that streak
If fashion won’t leave you sunk
Then shack on up with this hunk
His hair like a purple skunk;
He’s Prince Eri.

There’s no question that he’s bold and daring
Though he cares too much about his hair, and
If you asked me I would say he’s unimpressive
He’s a winner, he’s a whaling wonder
But he’s hardly great when he goes under
Salted water ruins all his fav’rite dresses

He’s gone Hopey; that’s better than…Light thieves?!

[Troll chorus]
Better than light thieves, liked more than light thieves.

Why’d he write that? He’s inviting beef.

[Troll chorus]
Don’t question him, don’t question him

Maybe I should take over this praise theme
Why’d I work with him?!
Bowed to his whim
Patience is thin
So it’s time that I get even
With Eri!

Vriska, please—

[Vriska+troll chorus]
Better yet, fear this new threat
Thief Vriska Serket!
Thought she’d lie down and not fight?
Don’t make that bet
And that, good people, is why
Prince Eridan’s fall is nigh!

[Troll chorus]
She’s taller, hotter
Has hair to the floor
Got luck and pluck
with a fine ass, what’s more
With hoards of heroes
She’ll cross that zero
Survival, he can forget!
Make way!
For Miss Serket!

Raythequeenofdeath (4 years ago)
This was so cute...

fangirl6309 (4 years ago)

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