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horizon - Derse Dreamers 「+ original vocals & lyrics」
8.43mb, 03:35, 312kbit, 28478 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Soundtrack  

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Shared by horizon 6 years ago
zapheil (6 years ago)
These lyrics and your voice are freakin' beautiful.

Elation (6 years ago)
Pretty wonderful singing! Would it be possible to get the lyrics?

horizon (6 years ago)
The lyrics are available in the description of the original video on Youtube, found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9SQjvPLAWs

And thank you very much! <3

Magpie127 (6 years ago)
Tell you what, listening to both the youtube and the tindeck file at the same time, my ears just exploded. Amazing <3

CondalTrace (6 years ago)
*Listens to this*
*Listens to the last song I uploaded*
*cries from jealousy*

artistsParadise (6 years ago)
Would you mind if I chose to cover this? ;o; Not only is your voice absolutely beautiful, but the lyrics are incredible.

Missbipolar243 (6 years ago)

Death wears a welcoming mask
but its benevolence is debated
under every single question we ask

our task is not an easy one, dear brother
we must assist each other

if we're to make it through
I'm just as terrified as you
but surely there's something to look forward to

Somewhere, there's a world we were meant to create
but it seems that we are not stronger than fate
you look my way,
what can I say?
I wish I believed things will be okay

throughout these darkened halls
and these obsidian towers
there's a presence gliding through the walls
as we approach our final hours

I wish I believed things will be okay

Sapph (5 years ago)
Oh, my god. This is so beautiful; it gave me goosebumps. Amazing job!

Sapph (5 years ago)
Oh, my god. This is so beautiful; it gave me goosebumps. Amazing job!

Ravemasta (5 years ago)
Holy fuck.
This is unbelievably awesome.

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