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marisuga - Feferi - Why Eridan?
1.03mb, 01:06, 125kbit, 12925 downloads
Genre(s): Misc  Vocal  Homestuck  

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Shared by marisuga 7 years ago
marisuga (7 years ago)
I was bored and ended up doing this.
There should be honking on the ground but oh well~
Track image belongs to Andrew Hussie!

Advance----Or----A8scond (7 years ago)
Oh dear gog.
This is great.
/off to cry forever
I think my heart is actually broken from this <3

glubglub (7 years ago)
I've never cried so hard ;A;

SpearmePlease (7 years ago)
::( Poor Feferi...

Alice8 (7 years ago)
Wow!That was really good voicing acting:D

Xiki_Muffin (7 years ago)
that's fucking amazing and I'm shivering over here omfg

syucake (7 years ago)
wow, this is fantastic. <3

Laika (7 years ago)
Oh my god this is amazing. I never comment on here but this is just really good voice acting. <3

Najikah (7 years ago)
this is amazing
oh my gooooddddd

glubglub (7 years ago)
I've never cried so harf about Feferi's death ;A;

thexundertakerxx (7 years ago)
-shits bricks-

kenzith96 (7 years ago)
okay, i actually hate feferi.
but ohhh myyy goooood. this is beautiful. <3

ihopeimgood (7 years ago)

eternitarianSerpent (7 years ago)
YOU THERE. GIRL. Be proud of yourself. This is amazing. Just, oh my god, my hhheeearrrtttt ;A; so perfect <3
I like that you kept the ACTING in voice acting :D You didn't just nail her voice, you actually made it sound like it was really happening :3 Amazingamazingamazing!
Excuse me while I go cry my heart out now ahglsd;ajf

harmoniousDisciple (7 years ago)
All my tears.
All of them.

KiyoMuffin (6 years ago)
Oh God I got chills. o___o

Judgementalrobot (6 years ago)
just created an account to say, great work

and also i feel like an ass for being like the only one not to cry

Aldreax (6 years ago)
This made me sad. :(
You make a great Feferi!

artistsParadise (6 years ago)

thatannoyingfan (6 years ago)
I'm just going to go crawl in a dark hole & sob now.

tarusianFangrrl (6 years ago)
Chills... Tears... My cod...

Naomi413 (6 years ago)
This. Is exactly what she would have said if we could have heard it. This is amazing, beautiful job.

psychedelicRaver (6 years ago)
oh cod
this needs to be animated

VeesRandomThings (6 years ago)

aruzeitteal (6 years ago)
MY. . .FEELS. .

ClockSpiral (6 years ago)
shit, i should not be going to be to this.

KarkatAndLizzie18 (6 years ago)
I cried. So hard. *SOBS* I AM STILL CRYING. ; - ;

jillybeanj (5 years ago)
My friend and I wrote a fic based on this :I Sorry. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9033520/1/No-Mourning-for-the-Love-I-ve-Lost

MoonlightParadise (5 years ago)
Oh my cod. Excuse me as I go curl up in a ball and die.

1MoreTimeline (5 years ago)
This my dear friend, was like, the most amazing thing ever omg<3333333

turntechTigerhead (5 years ago)
There goes all of my feels.
Good job <3

Nyol (4 years ago)
*Sollux dies* NOT GONNA CRY! NOT GONNA CRY! *last blast* .....FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so anyways, My heart broke, no biggie

sophiarozzii (4 years ago)

kamimatsu (2 years ago)
glassCannon logged in to Trollian
GC: ...erIdan...
GC: ...how many tImes are yo_ goIng to do thIs to someone...
GC: ...she dIdn't need to dIe...erIdan...
GC: ...none of them needed to dIe...
GC: ...nobody...ever needed...to dIe...
GC: ...yo_ co_ld have had frIends...
GC: ...b_t no...
GC: ...kIllIng was so m_ch more f_n...rIght...
GC: ...who cares If none of yo_r frIends needed to dIe...
GC: ...erIdan needs hIs fIx...
GC: ...erIdan...
GC: ...yo_ need to dIe...

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