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Zigkirby, Nevrmore, & ZingDev - That Fucking Memo
11.97mb, 13:04, 125kbit, 10665 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Homestuck  Comedy  

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Shared by ZingDev 7 years ago
Breannainn (7 years ago)
By far the best memo.

Samsa (7 years ago)
By far the worst Karkat.

arianadream (7 years ago)
Nah, Zigkirby rules at Karkat. :P Wait'll the first episode of the radio play comes out, it's going to be so awesome!

Shuu (6 years ago)
Oh, go jump from a cliff Samsa. All of these guys were so awesome, seriously~!
All of these guys.
All of them.

toonakasseroll (6 years ago)

BloodsPromises (6 years ago)
Fucking adore Zigkirby.

I aspire to be as good a Kartkat as he is.

BloodsPromises (6 years ago)

FUCKING T. -rages-

Rabid_HomeStuck_Fan_Girl (6 years ago)
KK is jelly hurr hurr

techloveArtist (6 years ago)
I can't listen past the first two lines, can you guys check?

VriskaFanGirl306 (6 years ago)
Best Karkat.
Pretty good Dave.
Not the best John. I imagine him having a higher- pitched, slightly less nasal voice [not that his voice is overly nasal, I just notice it more than I do in my headcanon]

But this is really cool :D

Oddball (6 years ago)
Horrid Karkat. Lack of emotion is extremely apparent in the voice. Sounds like a lack of effort. Karkat should have a lot of passion in his speech, which this guy doesn't even seem to try to implement.
Mediocre Dave. Not a lot of complaint, just that this guy sounds like he's really straining to lower his pitch and it's distracting.
John is okay. The nasal tone is slightly grating, but it's the best out of the three by far.

Ectricark (6 years ago)
...Oddball, how much of this did you listen to?

Zigkirby (1 year ago)
yeah at the beginning my karkat is kind of garbage. i guess what we were going for is that at the start he feels like this is going to be some simple routine and, given that karkat has been hurt a few times by both of these guys at this point, he's trying to keep his emotions out of it, and they slip out as he goes along...

but really the beginning just sounds bad.

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