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nocturnalPretender - Spider8reath
2.53mb, 02:45, 125kbit, 268 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Homestuck  Jazz  

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Shared by nocturnalPretender 6 years ago
nocturnalPretender (6 years ago)
And here it goes and goes again.
I suppose this is how it has to end.
Them's the 8r8ks.
Here it goes and goes again.

I suppose this is how it has to end
Hello Jack Noir there's a new troll in town.
The name's Vriska Serket and I'm coming at you now.
If you must know, 8y my ancestor, Marquise.

I must 8e the 8est. So I'll kick you in the teeth.
I cre8ed you only to 8end and 8r8k.
To prove I'm the 8est.
You're nothing 8ut a mist8ke.

Such a conniving little sn8ke.
Never catch a 8r8k!
I always get a 8ite.
Gets right under your skin.

Don't worry now, I have the 8est intent.
I've done a few things, 8ut there's no way I'll repent.
Surely they'll regret their dou8t.
M8ke them pay.

I could compens8, 8ut there's no reason to fret.
They'll over look it again.
I'd give it my 8est 8et.
Intoxic8 you with spider8reath. They'll see then.

So it's the end of the line.
The cards add up, all luck is mine.
A8out time I end this game
So I can put all those shitheads to shame.

They're fucked without me now.
When I return they will 8ow down.
That ring will 8e mine
Alternia will 8e remade and divine.

Yeah, here it goes and goes again.
This won't 8e my end!
Oh for fucking sake!
Spider8reath must ache.

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