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Inky - Killer Queen (Killer Queen)
2.75mb, 02:59, 125kbit, 13358 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Rock  Misc  

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Shared by inkystuck 6 years ago
inkystuck (6 years ago)
the condesce is a badass ! i feel like she'd have a really ominous echoey voice. this song was a request i got on my tumblr (inkys.tumblr.com) i like to pretend the backup vocals are imperial drones ;)


She keeps eye on your session
Standing by to plant a glitch
Let them eat cake she says
Watch out for the Batterwitch
Cause I've got authority
Can't take it? More for me!
And don't pretend your little games
Can beat this bloodline

I'm the ocean, you're the bait
And my empire dominates
Your world will pay the price

I'm a Killer Queen
Charming and so obscene
Bow down to my regime
Guaranteed to wipe your mind

Culling traitors left and right
Insatiable an appetite
(Wanna try?)

To avoid complications
I keep their intellect suppressed
In conversation
I dictate like a baroness
Once was wife to Sassacre
But now you'll face my massacre
I'll take over mankind

Be good and you can live a bit
The Black Queen? I don't give a shit
An effortless sacrifice!

I'm a Killer Queen
Charming and so obscene
Crockercorp's not what it seems
Guaranteed to wipe your mind

Army of drones I got under me
Vast as an entire sea
Tridents glistening perfect gold and
Children listen, you're getting trolled
I'll absolutely drive you wild
I'm out to get you

I'm a Killer Queen
Charming and so obscene
Bow down to my regime
Guaranteed to wipe your mind

Culling traitors left and right
Insatiable an appetite
(Wanna try?)
Wanna try?

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
Wonderful Condesce voice. Or Condescense. Or Condesence. Not really wanting to check right now. Anyways, wonderful voice. And perfectly timed upload, too. :D

TwinkieGum (6 years ago)
Ahhh! <333 I love it. Inky, why are you so perfect?

IronG (6 years ago)
I give this 14 trolls out of 12.

inkystuck (6 years ago)
foxcrazy- thank you !! and yeah, it did end up being very well timed ;) hoohoohooo

twinkiegum- asdfg thanks so so much :$ i'm really glad you like it !

irong- AWW YES !! thanks for listening :D

Masoncorps (6 years ago)
Perfect. :) I love it!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
thank you tons !! :) i appreciate the comment :D

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
Did you plan that? O.o

ourladyofgay (6 years ago)
hey! what do you use to record? it sounds really professional.

inkystuck (6 years ago)
foxcrazy- hoohoohoo you'll nevaaaaa knooowwww

ourladyofgay- haha i know i answered this for you on my tumblr, but i'll leave another answer here for anyone wondering: i use a condenser microphone :)

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
D8 But I wanna knowwwwwww.

ShuKitty-chan (6 years ago)
this is my favorite queen song.. and this beats the queen song, by all of alternia.. if that makes any sence..

inkystuck (6 years ago)
who dang that's a pretty intense compliment. i appreciate it. :) thanks for leaving a message !

hollywood191 (5 years ago)
Urghhhh.... stop being perfect... D:<

inkystuck (5 years ago)
oh i'm not perfect i bite my nails B)
haha thank you :)

tarusianFangrrl (5 years ago)
Love the original of this, but this version is perfect! Seems like Condesce is taking over my mp3 player at the moment XD

Zaliea (5 years ago)
This is so wonderful and amazing and just *squeals*

inkystuck (5 years ago)
tarusianfangrrl- hahahaha oh man, the condesce is fierce, i'm glad she's taking over your mp3 :) thanks for listening !!

zaliea- thank you so much ! i really appreciate the comment :)

hollywood191 (5 years ago)
Oh, well, I bite my nails too. C: And I just want to say I listen to this basically every day. I wanted to comment on how amazing this is but I just couldn't find the words to until now.

This really is brilliant. I love your choice of rhymes on not only this song, but all of your others as well. (I've never been good at rhymes, so I really love it when I come across a good "rhymer" haha. :D )Your Condesce voice is impeccable, and you are my headcanon for A LOT of homestuck characters (i.e. Dave, Kanaya, Rose, Vriska, Roxy, Tavros, among others!) You are seriously amazing!


DokuJisatsu (5 years ago)
I think this is the best voice I've heard for Condensdence so far. C: I love it!

Chirijiradin (5 years ago)
...You know, I have no idea why, but I tend to stumble across the best headcanon voices. Like this one.

It doesn't fit like a glove, it fits like a skintight bodysuit :P

Seriously, this is fantastic, thank you so much for this.

mokiescratch (5 years ago)

inkystuck (5 years ago)

and thanks to everyone else too haha ! i really appreciate 'headcanon' comments, it's truly an honour and i'm really thankful that people are listening to my stuff !!

Inkystuckfan12 (5 years ago)

hollywood191 (5 years ago)
Eeeeee that's okay!! BUT YOU RESPONDED WHICH IS AMAZING. AHH you're just amazing and your range is amazing and just ahhhh <3
I have a question: Do you have a five octave range? Because it seems like you would have at least a four. And also, do you do any special warmups or things to stretch your voice? Like I said, your range is seriously freaking awesome. :D

sgtninjataz (5 years ago)
H3h3 w3// thI2 I2 p3rf3ct

$0UL3 (4 years ago)
Motherfucking dayyum, girl! That voice of yours be some powerful shit!! Just holy fuck, this right here is perfect on so many levels. Kudos!!

Zoruakat (3 years ago)
JFC this is amazing and perfect in everyway! <3

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