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Fawn with TH - Vriska with Tavros - Oogie Boogie Vriska
3.01mb, 03:17, 125kbit, 15694 downloads
Genre(s): Religious  Comedy  Vocal  

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Shared by VonFawn 7 years ago
GameGeekAdvanced (7 years ago)
oh my god you are an amazing person

Trippy Armadillo (7 years ago)
Holy shit, man. Holy shit.


This is just so amazing.

I think I blew a fuse.

deagen (7 years ago)

LMFAO i love it!!!!!!!!!

Zosephine (7 years ago)
Oh my gog this is so perfect. /fist-bunp

problemEscapist (7 years ago)


dundee998 (7 years ago)
Number one, you're an AMAZING singer. Not that that's big news. Number two, I hope you don't mind... I've been working on an animation to this song, and I think you might like to know about it. http://sims2fanatic.deviantart.com/#/d39vedn

VInks (7 years ago)
Perfect Tavros and Vriska <3 :')

temptressSnape (7 years ago)

becauseimapotato (7 years ago)
durpdurp Do you think I could get the official lyrics to this? I really wanna sing it myself

marth141 (7 years ago)
Yeah, I have more of a crush on Vriska now. Vriska, why you so awesome!? xD

glubglub (7 years ago)

DetectiveFrozy (7 years ago)
there are no words for this
it's just

Kitty (7 years ago)

rogue_of_void (7 years ago)
Good job although I could here the actual lyrics in the background a lot. Not to nitpick or anything just pointing that out.

kitsunaii (7 years ago)

You are fucking amazing.

I love you.

Alice8 (6 years ago)
very funny, love it:D

Mistytail (6 years ago)
Why is this under religious? XD But this is awesome, I love it!

GermanEquius (6 years ago)
You just
combined one of my favourite songs ever
with the best voice ever
of one of my favourite fictional characters ever
into one big pile of awesome aneurysm

I thank you from the depth of my heart

Meowsprite (6 years ago)
!!! Oh my gosh, this is the actual sound click!!! I love you! I love the flash! You're awesome! Yes!

LilyisaBaka (5 years ago)

Ravemasta (5 years ago)
X0DD i love how it said Religious
Homestuck is a religion.

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