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VeggieBLT - WiP-Cupcakes
4.73mb, 05:09, 125kbit, 5304 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Comedy  Homestuck  

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Shared by VeggieBLT 7 years ago
JHManiac (7 years ago)
Dawg this is hecka good man. yo

lurkersyx (7 years ago)

Oh man, I bow down to this version. It's so amazing. <3

VeggieBLT (7 years ago)
@lurkersyx: and it ain't even done yet

pomodoro (7 years ago)
This is amazingly amazing, you are so amazing.

Kitatha (7 years ago)
Oh my god. I was laughing so hard I was choking on air! I starting tearing up for laughing so hard. Mein gott. XD

terminally-honk (7 years ago)
what did i just listen t---OH MY GOD A HONK

fortyCakes (7 years ago)
so good what is this i can't even stop laughing

toonakasseroll (7 years ago)
i can't stop listening to this.

kittennpajamas (7 years ago)
This is
Oh gog
This is so funny xD

Zeekaice (7 years ago)
This is so amazing XD I love the comic, and when I heard this...I laughed so hard XD

BloodsPromises (6 years ago)
I love the comic and when I heard this... I died laughing.

You're amazing.

sevensyns (6 years ago)

fyiendfiyre (6 years ago)
My eyebrow2.... are not even on my face.


LuckyCheerioCharms (6 years ago)

You know..
Terezi had a cupcake....
maybe two...

zohra (6 years ago)
i have made faygo cupcakes in the past and they were awesome

techloveArtist (6 years ago)
http://fav.me/d3f7s4 + thttp://fav.me/d3fdicl

Enjoy everyone. This is GENIUS.

GloomyUrsus (6 years ago)
Did everyone else notice how when Gamzee got slapped, it sounded like CUPONK. xDD

maytayt (6 years ago)


epicneko1 (6 years ago)
i made faygo slime pie once...it was a miracle.......

TyrannacalSorceress (6 years ago)
beeeest friiiieeeend!

Aldreax (6 years ago)
Adorable Sollux.

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