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Imbrog - Umbral Ultimatum - Pianokind
7.83mb, 03:25, 312kbit, 11761 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Instrumental  Live  

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Shared by Imbrog 7 years ago
DurpsMan2000 (7 years ago)
This is a live recording, right? Not bad at all, no untalented person could do this.

Bezbozny (7 years ago)
I am imagining you playing this and electricity surging up through your arms and sparking out your hair.

Terraqueous (7 years ago)
Yes, so much.
There is so much yes in this recording that I am almost seething with yes. No wants nothing to do with this motherfucker.

NoobOfLore (7 years ago)
This is pretty impressive.

Albinism (6 years ago)
I hyperventilated as i clicked this.


Miggles (6 years ago)
damm man how do you EGEN good at this so much?????????????????

Pretty damn awesome accurate good amazing best piano song ever

KrimsonRush (6 years ago)
Where are my pants.

PurpleIzzy (6 years ago)
this is really amazing! Is there a sheet?
Wanna learn this so bad! >_<

MannyKat8x (6 years ago)
This is amazing

aruzeitteal (6 years ago)
YES. so beautiful~

UNKNOWN COPYCAT (6 years ago)
if only i could play the piano... ; 7 ;

dude this so freakin' awesome

Sanctferum (5 years ago)
What Horrorterror did you sell your soul to in exchange for such wonderful piano skills?

vserketectobiologist (5 years ago)
omg. i want to learn how to play the piano now!!

doctordick (5 years ago)
homestuck sucks

The Star of Space (5 years ago)
Oh my goodness, this is really awesome! I can't believe it's live! You've got a lot of talent. Gorgeous job!

forgottenfang (5 years ago)
Hooooollly shiiiiiiit.... YOU ARE SO AMAZING

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