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Fawn - Vriska - Black Romance (remake)
4.5mb, 04:54, 125kbit, 11432 downloads
Genre(s): House  Comedy  Vocal  

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Shared by VonFawn 7 years ago
VonFawn (7 years ago)
EXPLANATION: Someone asked for an a cappella track to this song, and I discovered, to my horror(?) that the project file for the original Black Romance had gone missing. Since that was the last thing I recorded before getting THE NEW MIC anyway, I figured, eh, why the hell not? I'll remake it so I can get that a cappella track.

With many apologies to anyone who is sick of this song. Myself included? :V

Pixel20 (7 years ago)
Not to be a "WAAA WAAA THE ORIGINAL'S BETTER" kind of person, but:

I can't blame you for being sick of singing the song by now, but I could actually tell you are. You almost sound bored singing it. Not really your fault, just saying.

Also it sounds more like Von Fawn singing than Vriska singing, unless that was intentional.

In the end I guess I'd say in a bunch of ways this version is better musically, and is a bunch of ways the original is better comedically.

VonFawn (7 years ago)
I don't disagree with you, though I will say that this definitely sounds nothing like how I would sing this song, haha. Because you're comparing the original version (where I did it at midnight and adamantly did not give a shit about how "well" Vriska sang because SHIT THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME) to this one (after giving Vriska "voice lessons" and where I was definitely more concerned about quality), inevitably it's going to sound more like I'm just singing it myself.... It's more like I'm allowing aspects of my voice to bleed into her singing voice as a whole, but it's still pretty different from how I would approach the song.

All that said, though? Yeah. The other one was better in a lot of ways. It had more of a sassy spark to it, which is in part due, I think, to the fact that its creation was a huge secret that Kelsey and I were keeping, and I was fired up on the adrenaline of making this new, crazy THING that was going to blow everyone away. Didn't have that feeling this time through, which is why it sounds more bored.

I think you put it very well at the end. This one is better from a musical standpoint, but the original ... well, it was the original. It's my most popular track for a reason.

Pixel20 (7 years ago)
Yaaay, civil criticism and criticism-accepting on the internet! :3


VonFawn (7 years ago)

High five indeed!!

Ghosty (7 years ago)
Welp, that absolves me from saying anything! All my questions and comments were sniped by the perfect conversation. ^^

LuckyCheerioCharms (7 years ago)
...where'd you go? :c I feel like I'm discovering more and more awesome stuff by you all the time and it alls says it was posted like 6 months ago.
if I could travel back in time, I'd love to be able to see more updates by you DDD:


Oh well, VonFawn remains lost in hibernation for now, time will only tell as to where the beautiful voice went :/


Bezbozny (7 years ago)
It's always nice to see someone doing a cover of a parody song. Especially when they do it well.

ittybittychibichu17 (6 years ago)
Well, I can't offer any constructive criticism since this is the first cover for this song I've heard in the Homestuck fandom, shockingly, and I totally love it! Your singing is absolutely superb and it fits Vriska SO WELL.

Also your Oogie Boogie cover was AMAZING. Just saying that now.

Homestuckfan123101 (5 years ago)
found threw youtube, just letting you know, and fyi this is PURE AWESOMENESS WOOOOOOOOOOOO

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