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Octopimp - United States of Wwhatevver
1.62mb, 01:46, 125kbit, 26360 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Comedy  Homestuck  

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Shared by Octopimp 7 years ago
TheBoyd (7 years ago)
You're version of Eridan's voice is the best. That's really all there is to say on the matter.

vociferocity (7 years ago)
I basically burst into tears of laughter at the chainsaw and oh my god karkat impression this is too amazing for words

Darck (7 years ago)
Headcannon, you.

asinineRainbows (7 years ago)
The chainsaw *gasps for breath from laughing*
You are Eridan,
Oh god the chainsaaaaaw CX

FFLizz (7 years ago)
I agree with all of the above. You are officially my, and tbh, everyone i know's, headcannon.

fortyCakes (6 years ago)
best. eridan. that is all.

Shenkkazoo (6 years ago)
This is the best Eridan voice.
The very best.

maytayt (6 years ago)
Your eridan is my headcannon. seriously.
And, the chainsaw, gog. I'll go die over there laugthing.

cthulhubot (6 years ago)
I had such a difficult time imagining Eridan's voice until now.
Best ever.

shadamy22 (6 years ago)
"Hey, I told you-"
I lost it so hard there.
You're my headcannon for sooo many voices, dude. <33333

RainbowRider (6 years ago)
This is so cool!x''D
I luv your "Wwhat evver" !!!<33

Judgementalrobot (6 years ago)
win. that describes this perfectly, pure win, not even going to try and make some reference, because i wouldn't understand what I'm referencing, and I'm not going to type like a troll, because we all know THAT hasn't been done before, however i AM going to favorite this, and you are going to continue winning at life, because that shit just comes naturally.

Dersite Darkfyre (5 years ago)
Y u gotta be SO COOL?! YOU R THE bestestest at eridan by far.

cATnEPcUTie (5 years ago)

AdiosToreadorMice (5 years ago)

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