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HSV - Solo Dave (NSFW)
2.24mb, 02:26, 125kbit, 13321 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Easy Listening  Vocal  

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Shared by HomesmutVoices 5 years ago
MendicantOfFoot-In-Mouth (5 years ago)
uhm hey. this is really awesome. REALLY awesome. eheh. uhm.*nonchalantly ollies out*

luminescent-fungi (5 years ago)
Oh my... this was so... sexy...
...could you make a solo John too~? >w>

nevahmind (5 years ago)
Holy shit a wonderfull idea would be making a solo john~ great job as usual

CL0ckw0rk_Circus (5 years ago)
This was just amazing...on so many levels! Hey I'm curious on what a Solo Gamzee would sound like :)

RainbowDashyMD (5 years ago)
Solo John would sound so cute o////u////o ~<3

nevahmind (4 years ago)
Did i jsut compliment somebody on how great their masturbation sounds?......

truthlessTime (4 years ago)
*Hearing this* ... *Couldn't even move*
*After hearing this* ... Fudge, I have to send this to a friend.

Sweetlittlehomestuck (4 years ago)
Solo John,Solo Jake and Solo Dirk pleaseeee!

audaciousCommoner (4 years ago)
Bless you um omg I love thisssss

shaysaysheytokitties (2 years ago)
Am I the only one loving Dave's impression of Bro? This is amazing in so many ways c:

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