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Melodystuck Rose and Melodystuck Jade - It's Time (Sburb Edition)
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Genre(s): Vocal  Pop  Homestuck  

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Shared by RedAsATomato 5 years ago
RedAsATomato (5 years ago)
Late lyrics post is laaate--

It’s Time (Sburb Edition) | (based off of It’s Time [as sung by Imagine Dragons])
As performed by MelodyRose and MelodyJade.
Tumblr post: http://melodystuckjade.tumblr.com/post/32095113278/its-time-sburb-edition-based-off-of-its

Very first collab with MelodyRose! Be sure to give her lots of love~

Rose: So this is judgement day
And everything will change
And now it’s time to build from the lowest of the gates right to the top
Don’t hold back
I’ll raid the lab and write some information in the gamefaq

I don’t ever wanna let you die
I don’t ever wanna say goodbye
‘Cause after all
Both: the world just won’t exist tonight

It’s time to begin, isn’t it?
This game is just so much bigger than us I’ll admit
I’m not the same as I was
Now don’t you understand?
This game is changing who I am

Jade: So this is where I fell
And slept here for a spell
The path to Skaia runs from frogs and our dreamselves right to the top
Don’t look back
Checking that I have everything I need in my sylladex

I don’t ever wanna let you die
I don’t ever wanna say goodbye
‘Cause after all
Both: the world just won’t exist tonight

(chorus x2)

Jade: I know that I won’t be lonely
Rose: But our world won’t burn down slowly
Both: To ashes!
To ashes!

(chorus x2)

tcatmaher (5 years ago)
Oh my god I think im gonna cry.
please o please do another song together you sound so perfect and complementary and god i just love this so much

Ukranada (5 years ago)
Jade sounds a bit tinny

RedAsATomato (5 years ago)
@tcatmaher: We'll try to come up with another one to do together! This collab was a lot of fun to do. c:

@Ukranada: Yikes, I think that kind of has to do with the original recording-- I'll work on trying to remove that tinnyness. D:

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