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Octopimp - Vv For Vvendetta
975kb, 04:07, 31kbit, 11341 downloads
Genre(s): Comedy  Homestuck  Vocal  

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Shared by Octopimp 6 years ago
LynxViltrist (6 years ago)
....omg......i love this....i..i...*dies*

ConfuseUsSay (6 years ago)
...i have no words for this...

iridescentSphere (6 years ago)
Oh gog. I cannot believe. Oh my.

Evenheart (6 years ago)
Did...Did you do this in one take?!

AikyoSmitten (6 years ago)
You have combined my two favorite things into one super favorite thing.

I love you so much.

Neekro (6 years ago)

Still my favorite voice actor. <3

termlesslyContingent (6 years ago)
Oh my god. You are the star. it is you.

letters&characters (6 years ago)
Thank you Octopimp, thank you! <3

MissMooButt (6 years ago)
HAHA this is adorable

VriskaFanGirl306 (6 years ago)
Am i the only one who has no idea what the fuck is going on? xD

xanenightwing (6 years ago)

Rhapsodyinaqua (6 years ago)
That was amazing! XDD How many takes did you have to do to get all the "ww"s and "vv"s in there, I wonder...

Owl the Strange (6 years ago)
You are brave for even attempting this.
Haha I'd love to know how many times you had to record this before you got it right. x)

Thias The Dark (6 years ago)
Great movie
Best redub

capkid169 (6 years ago)
still awesome

HelpCat (6 years ago)

odinsMessenger (5 years ago)
You know your Eridan voice is perfect when you can pull THIS off

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