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VeritasUnae (7 years ago)
teleharmonic is love. <3
Rose was excellent as well.

Bezbozny (7 years ago)
Your voices are fantastic.

ostentatiousChaos (7 years ago)
Oh goodness, I love your Doc. It's so perfect.
This conversation is the opposite of terrible.

nightmarechild8 (6 years ago)
just the way you say "Yes" is perfect.

DMLunatic (6 years ago)
Doc is so defensive about his interest in "young ladies".

Hilarious! Great Doc echoey thing, and Rose sounded... I don't know, real? Like an actual person. Most headcanon attempts sound more cartoony.

Aryashi (6 years ago)
YOU. ARE. DOC. SCRATCH. Seriously. Why are you alive? And outside the four wall? And voicing things on the internet? Is this some type of joke I don't understand?

Also, Rose, is awesome.

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