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Octopimp - Tavros And Gamzee Ringtone
301kb, 00:15, 146kbit, 84956 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Homestuck  Comedy  

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Shared by Octopimp 7 years ago
Shuu (7 years ago)
This is the best one so far. You're awesome ; ;

thelightforest (7 years ago)
it's saved to my phone and stuff.. but idk how to set it. IT MAKES ME SO SAD.

Tekamaru (7 years ago)
i feeel so dumb but how do i download it to my phone D:

zebrachroma (7 years ago)
On certain phones it will only allow you to set Voice Memos or Recordings as your ring tone...

This is the issue with my phone, so I can't set an audio file that is saved on my phone as the ringtone
I have to record it and hope that it sounds alright ; - ;

This might be the same case with other people too <//3
But these ringtones are awesome!! I was just helping out the people above me n - n

puddingxPIE (7 years ago)
Ooh my gog.
You HAVE to make a Sollux ringtone. ;u;

techloveArtist (7 years ago)
Awwww! <3

RandomInABox (7 years ago)
I dont know how to save this to my phone.. ; _ ;
I guess ill have to record it and set it as my ringtone... :<

DemiBourgeois (7 years ago)
Aww, this is literally 1kb to big to set as my ringtone :( Stupid phone.

Shirudia (7 years ago)

VioletNeonAddict (7 years ago)
Bleh... my phone hates me... ;^; It'll only let me use it in my music playlist. D : I even had a friend mess around with my cell, only to tell me that it won't let me set it as a ringtone. -facepalm-

mutini (7 years ago)
Hey, for those who have Android phones, I have a solution for you!

Connect your phone to the computer through USB. Choose a setting that allows you to browse through files and folders.

Create a new folder and name it "ringtones". Place any files you may want to use as ringtones there. Voila, those files will appear on the ringtone selection menu.

I am still testing, but I suppose making a folder named "notification sounds" or "notifications" should work the same way towards notification sounds.

Pyranda (7 years ago)
Oh god dying...

wwhatevver (6 years ago)
How do I download this for an iPhone? I tried on my phone to download it but I keep getting sent to a page for some scam.

gamzeemakara123 (6 years ago)
I CaNt MoThErFuCkInG gEt ThIs MiRaCuLoUs RiNgToNe On My MoThErFuCkINg IPhOnE :o(

Cherbear7 (5 years ago)
I kNoW rIgHt GaMzEe?! I hAvE tHe SaMe PrObLeM :o(

PurpleCuddlesuar (5 years ago)
awwww^^ poor tav, he needed a sick rhym but got a pail one :c

GurlGamz001 (5 years ago)
Darn I can't seem to download it!!! My phone is refusing , :O(

fluffypanda (4 years ago)
it won't let e download... UGH

fluffypanda (4 years ago)
it won't let e download... UGH

fluffypanda (4 years ago)
it won't let e download... UGH

Auranightshade (3 years ago)
why is this stuck in my head!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Drrrrpepeprprprprpprp (3 years ago)
...Click oh untrusted site asking me to give it my credit card information what could go wrong

Drrrrpepeprprprprpprp (3 years ago)
Can somebody give me a copy of their download my email is aiden@akesons.com if you send me a virus I do know how to track you down and I will and I will sew you (sorry for bad spelling)

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