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sicksaffron - Love me dead (BTD STYLE)[Nsfw]
6.02mb, 04:23, 187kbit, 21 downloads
Genre(s): Alternative  Game  

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Shared by RainbowMuffin 6 months ago
RainbowMuffin (6 months ago)
Thanks to tumblr user Darqx for the dope track art <3
Look forward to a better version in the future bc oh ma lord this is Not my Best work.
Here are the lyrics

Love me dangerously.
Like a metal bat straight to the knee
Frontal lobotomy means
You're a sadistic machine
Cold and calculating

Kill me romantically
Throw me down in your basement
Then ask me if I need anything
I'm scared and I'm cold
I want to go home.
I'm crying and screaming.

He wanders over slowly
Sits down and calls me "buddy"
I said "Let's get out of here"
And that's when I disappear
He drains my body slowly.
The blood pools under me and yet
I can't find the sign on my head
That says, oh
Love me dead!
Love me dead!

You're the cute boy that walked out on me.
Wait, didn't I just see you leave?
Oh, you're a twin.
You get off when?
Let's get it in.

This SUCKS so obviously.
You're a demon/homicidal/naga
motherfucker preying on me
And then when we leave
I'll never be seen.
You're psychotically sexy??

He walks up to me slowly
He's anything but holy
He told me he would leave then
It turned out he was creepin'
He's set on breaking me.
I'm torn up, ripped into and yet
I can't find the sign on my head
That says, oh
Love me dead!
Love me dead!

Love me venomously~

Is that your dog?!
Please don't let him eat me!
He's got the jaws of a beast!

Am I going crazy?
I'll join you~

I sit down and start drinking
I hear "Isn't it early?"
I guess you're right, I agree.
But when I leave, he gets me
I'm strapped in his med bay and
As he cuts into me I dread;
I bet there's a sign on my head
That says, oh
Love me dead!
Love me dead!

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