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off-broadway aradia - blue lips
3.59mb, 03:47, 125kbit, 18671 downloads
Genre(s): Spiritual  Alternative  Homestuck  

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Shared by broadway-aradia 5 years ago
broadway-aradia (5 years ago)

stumbled across the game and thoughtâ¨
this is how it must beâ¨
he jumped through the gate and broughtâ¨
a new life for meâ¨
and all my soul and all my strengthâ¨
began collecting in a steel cage of blueâ¨â¨

blue lips blue veinsâ¨â¨

he looked at me but then with shame
â¨he asked do you feel my regards?â¨
but when i felt it in my heartâ¨
i tore it to shards
â¨and then i beat him black and blue
true blueâ¨
and then i kissed him hardâ¨â¨

blue lips blue veinsâ¨
blue the color around skaiaâ¨
on much brighter days
â¨blue lips blue veins
â¨blue the color around skaiaâ¨
on much brighter daysâ¨â¨

we stood there in the lab and thought
â¨god this romance is oddâ¨
my dream self back in derse was struck
â¨and arose a god
â¨and equius and nepetaâ¨
they just watched me explode
â¨i wonder if i left him blue
â¨or if hes alone

â¨â¨he wandered off to see where gamzeed beâ¨
gamzee shot him down to bring him to his knees
â¨and watching nearby was nepetaâ¨
she cried aloud when he ceased to breathe
â¨as she pounced her chance to avenge the deadâ¨
came to a halt beside him along with her headâ¨â¨

green lips green veinsâ¨
green the color that is drainingâ¨
from her gentle faceâ¨
blue lips blue veinsâ¨
blue the color around skaiaâ¨
back when we would playâ¨â¨

blue the strongest color [x3]â¨
blue lips blue veinsâ¨
blue the color around skaia
â¨and his smiling face

chronictesselations (5 years ago)
Soooooooo amazing and sad I almost started to cry!

MissNoir (5 years ago)
Wow this is amazing!

NikormanWorld (5 years ago)
I l0ve this...I love it....

--3 Always Aries

Axis (5 years ago)
Beautiful. I'm in love with the amount of emotion you put into your voice and...no these are not tears flying out of my eyes, what on earth are you saying

highb100dsonly (5 years ago)
I love this. There was a time when I couldn't stop listening to the original, now it's this version. I really love your voice :P

notepadgirl (5 years ago)
Why aare you doing Regina?
This is just too awesome to behold!
Have pity on us. =(

gamzeemakara123 (5 years ago)
i love your voice

MKMwildcat (5 years ago)
Such a beautiful voice..it fits perfectly with the emotions of the original song..

CaptainToxic302072 (5 years ago)
I'm starting to cry . . . so beautiful . . . T_T

Ravemasta (4 years ago)
...I love you. Your voice is amazing.

Epicrebecca (4 years ago)

ERIFEF_RULES!!! (3 years ago)

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