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Broadway Roxy (Inky) - Janey's Dad (Stacy's Mom)
3.07mb, 03:21, 125kbit, 13047 downloads
Genre(s): Rock  Pop  Homestuck  

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Shared by inkystuck 6 years ago
inkystuck (6 years ago)
happy belated valentine's day from broadwayroxy ! wonk ;)


janey's dad is rly kinda rad [4x repeat combo]

janey id liekt 2 ;lelanr about ur fmaily-y-y-y-y (*family)
so hwy dont u send some childhood pictrues to me-e-e-e-e (*send them 2 me)
is that ur dad feeding you lunch w/ a spoon!!! (*with a spoon)
i wouldn't mind if he put s/t in my mouth too-oo-oo-oo-oo (ok like im not tryin 2 b gross or anythign...)

no i know he doesnt even know my nmae
but im 15 an it's time 2 get my game

janey's dad is rlyy kinda rad
he's all that i want + i want him so bad
she can go have jake, her dadll eat me liek a cake
i know it might b bad but i;m in love w/ janeys dad

jaenys dad is real y kinda rad [2x repeat combo]

janey do u remenbr our last viedo clal? (*video call)
i spent my tiem checkin out your dad inthe ha-a-a-a-all (*in the hall)
i tihnk he likes me, he kept wlakdkkgnig by (*walking by)
SO DIRTY, strutiting in that sluit and tie-ie-ie-ie-ie (*suit and tie)

and i know u think his only interest's wahsing cars
but wait untitl this girl goes otu and take shim 2 a bar!!!!

jnaeys dad is really knida rad
hes all that i want and i want him so bad
she can go have jake, her dad;ll eat me like a caek
i know it mihtgt be bad but i'm in luvvv with janey's dad

*fuck it]

janey's dad is rly kinda rad (*hes really kinda rad)
he/s all that i want n i want him so bad (i just masturbated)
she can go haeve jkae, her dad will eat me like a cake
i know it might be sad
but im in love w/
jaeansy dad ah-ah ah-ah (im in love with)
*jAENYES dad ah-ah ah-ah (plz just take me)
*JANEY can't you see ur just not the one 4 me
i know it might be bad but i/m in love w/ janeys dad!!!

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
Hehehe. That typo for walking. xD That made me laugh so hard.

america0baka (6 years ago)
The typos!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
foxcrazy- SHE JUST WASN'T EVEN TRYING ahahahaha

america0baka- OH ROXY. such a struggle. haha thanks for listening ;D

Masoncorps (6 years ago)
lol I hate the typos. But I love the song :D

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
Nope. Wasn't even trying to try thinking about trying.

I must say I absolutely APDORE your Roxy voice, and it's the only headcanon I have for her. NEVER SHALL THERE BE ABOTHER ROXY.

*dtares at typos* Mmm. I'll just. Leave those there.

inkystuck (6 years ago)
masoncorps- ahahaha yeah the typos are p bad in this one, i got carried away. but thanks for loving the song ! ;D

foxcrazy- skljdkgl thank you SO MUCH ahhhsdfklgj i really like doing roxy and i'm always so touched when people think my voice is good enough for hEaDcAnOn sTaTuS :') but seriously i really appreciate it, thank you <3

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
No need to thank me. YOU'RE the one who's giving me the opportunity to listen to that wonderful Roxy voice!

UNKNOWN COPYCAT (6 years ago)
wow what a cool roxy voice!!! xD

ponybleed (5 years ago)

aphidu (5 years ago)
wow i really like this and you're basically my headcanon for roxy's voice wooo

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