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totalspiffage - Girls (Ho+mestuck)
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Genre(s): Homestuck  

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Shared by totalspiffage 6 years ago
totalspiffage (6 years ago)
tumblr: http://totalspiffage.tumblr.com/post/30769278609/girls-ho-mestuck-edition-download-parody-of

Born as a girl but I want to be more
Is it my fate to raise the mothers core?
Easy to be beastly when youre calling me a whore
You stick to your quadrants
Ill stick to some broader doors

Girls are not meant to fight others
Want to be more than a mother
Not gonna bend over or bother with you

Is there any possibility
Youll quit gossiping about me
What two wheeled device I might be
All you say is “blah, blah”
Kankri just wont forgive me
Cause I fall asleep when he speaks
Of every other bigotry
All he says is “na na na na na” (na na na na na)

Trolls, oh trolls, see the hypocrisy
Of this queen, of this matriarchy
The Lords in command
And the queen is just a face
I may be a Maid but the queens just a Waste Of Space

Girls are not meant to fight others
Want to be more than a mother
Not gonna bend over or bother with you

I feel Ive been living in a new zone
Turning up the glow wont let the truth show
I feel Ive been living in a ghost town
But Im gonna make sure were all safe and sound

(Trolls, raise your arms, raise your arms, hear my plea)

TheHomestuckWasALie (6 years ago)
head cannon

datSerket (6 years ago)
headcannon omg O_o

Monster (6 years ago)


DreamBubble (6 years ago)
whats the name of the song (if it's a parody)

totalspiffage (6 years ago)
Girls- Marina and the Diamonds! Sorry it's not clear.

ClockSpiral (6 years ago)
shit, I popped a boner.

DreamBubble (6 years ago)
Thanks It's that i never herd this song before

starstruck-pyromaniac (6 years ago)
this is amazing. you are amazing. all your songs are amazing. <333
Keep singing! :]

doctordick (5 years ago)
kill yourself

broadwayhomestucks (5 years ago)
Shush doctor dick.

TheNookDestroyer (5 years ago)
Headcannon accepted!!!

WitchyEevee (4 years ago)
headcannon unlocked.

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