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theprinceofhope - reblog all the porn
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Shared by theprinceofhope 5 years ago
theprinceofhope (5 years ago)
based off this post: http://eramquodes.tumblr.com/post/52263437985/look-at-this-porn-isnt-it-neat-wouldnt-you-think-my

look at this porn
isnt it neat
wouldnt my collections complete
wouldnt you think im the girl
the girl who blogs everthing

look at my blog
made it myself
got to have everything
to fill up myself
wouldnt you think this is great
sure, but not really..

ive got gifs and photos aplenty
ive got memes and texts posts galore
you want bad fic recs?
ive got twenty
but who cares
no big deal
i blog more

i blog about my otp
blog about gay sex and sometimes lesbos
wanna read a fic- oh, this one seems really nice!
sit with my laptop
and squee a whole lot
wonder what girls with relationships do

stay up so late, FANFIC UPDATE!
want to know why i cant a date
maybe someday
i will reblog all of the porn

what would i give
if i could see
my otp?
what would i pay
to spend a day
watching them fuck?
what would do
if i could
celebrate anniversery
but its useless
theyre not canon
not even a bit!

im ready to know
what the actors know
want to be ready
to kiss their faces
wonder what its like
when will i know
how will they see
how much porn means to me
maybe someday
i will reblog
all of the porn!

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