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inkystuck (6 years ago)
suuuuppppppp this is a rebuttal to broadwayrufio, so check his song first for context: tindeck.com/listen/fibc
i basically only do questionable things.


theres this guy who comes 2 trollbucks
and i kinda wanna tap that
yeah i kinda wanna tap that
but is he dtf

he comes in at 4:13
and i smile an say sup sexy
yeah i smile and say sup sxc
but b4 i wink hes left

so today @ 4:13
i decided i should chgnge this
i decided i shluld change this
so i spiekd his drink w/ gin

and 2day at 4:13
when i smiled and said sup sexy
he said did u put something in this
and i was liiiiike yeah dude ur fucked cha chinnggg score one for roxy lalonde also did you know these doors can lock from the outside? friends in low places buddy, we are about 2 get to know each ohter.

i guess youre stukc with me now
we;ll party hard the whole day long

and he was like grl im gonna sue you
which provides the inspirtaiotn for this song

rufio, dont call the cops
we're stuck insdie this coffeeshop
but rufio, dont call the cops
i love you, i love u, i luv you

so tell me all about yourself
i wanna know your deepest sercets
i wanna know your deepest sectrest
like do u have any ink
yeah its only 4:13
and im not off till 7
so lets talk about your feelins
and your fucked up creepy kinks ;)

we can pass aronud the bottle
cuz you gotta loosen up now
its confefssion time with roxy
buddy no 1 else will know
and hey look this isnt kidnap
we;re just sharing converstaion
u got hotness, i got vodka
this is all just quid pro quo

i said are u into blonde chicks
cause i think we could maek this work

he said "im older than your fahter"
and im like "i dont even hav a dad u jerk"

rufio, dont call the cops
were stuck inside this coffefsehop
but rufio, dont call the cops
ilu, i love you, i love u

i am conivcnedd that we could have
a flawless time 2gether
we might be locked inside this place but you can be sure
that i know some ways to make it better ;)

rufio, dont call the cops
we/re stuck inside this coffeeshop
but rufio, dont call the cops
i luv you, *i loev you, *i love you

already memoized your number
every nite i go home + creep ur tumblr
rufio, don;t call the cops
i leov eyou, *i loove you, *i luuuuuuuuv uuuuu
ily, iloveyou, i love you

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
This is wonderful, as well as Rufio's song. They're just lovely. And hilarious! Once again, wonderful work.

asuka (6 years ago)
Can I have this sheet music xD

ArienAdelai (6 years ago)
fUCK YO,,,
hEHE };D


inkystuck (6 years ago)
foxcrazy- ahhh thank you ! i always love to read your comments :)

asuka- hahaha it's not sheet music, it's an instrumental track from angelsbwaykaraokes on youtube :) i wish i could play like that !

arienadelai- omfg why didnt you sjust STOP ME SINGIGNG n make out or s/t........sign
- bway roxy ((riiiiiichi ahahahaha thank youuuu we have the best song rebuttals ever AWW YEE richinky 5lyfe sonnnnnn <3))

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
And I love to hear your songs~ So I guess we're even, eh?

ponderingDimwit (5 years ago)
can i do a cover of this?

ERIFEF_RULES!!! (3 years ago)
oh stahp, put ur fone away!

outoforbit (1 year ago)
Girl you are born to do Broadway!! ;)

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