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Flamegrill - Dave: Rewrite song for Jade (Hey There Delilah)
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Genre(s): Acoustic  Vocal  

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Shared by flamegrill 7 years ago
flamegrill (7 years ago)
(rewrite of "hey there delilah" by those plain white ts guys)
(fuck sorry about the guitar surprisingly im kinda shitty with playing one)
(ironically of course)


hey there harley
whats it like in the pacific
youre a thousand miles away girl
your location aint specific
yeah its true
its hard to find someone like you
what can i do

hey there harley
dont you worry bout the distance
im right there if you get lonely
give this song another listen
close your eyes
listen to my beats its my disguise
im by your side

oh its what you do to me x4

hey there harley
i know the games getting hard
but believe me girl
ill find a way to get to where you are
well have it good
beat the game like we knew we would
my word is good

hey there harley
ive got so much left to say
if every remix i composed for you would take your breath away
id mix it all
even more in love with me youd fall
wed have it all


a thousand miles seem pretty far
but hey we got johns flying car
id walk to you if i had no other way
all the trolls would laugh at us
and well just flip em off because
we know that none of them have felt this way
but harley i can promise you
that by the time i get to you
the game will never ever be the same
(guess im to blame)

so hey there harley
you be good and dont you miss me
just a bit and youll relight your forge
and ill be making time loops like i do
youll know its all because of you
we can do whatever we want to
hey jade harley heres to you
this ones for you


(lame drawn out singing why the fuck am i doing this again)

caddyl (7 years ago)
i made an account just so i could comment on this oh my god. it's so perfect!!

LuckyLungs (7 years ago)
How does this work?! I hate the original but I'm shamelessly in love with this.

memorydae (7 years ago)
this is so adorable! you have an excellent voice, never stop. <3

HanaMaehata (7 years ago)
AAAAH. <33

So sweet.

autumnowl23 (7 years ago)
Oh my gog what.

This is too amazing.

Chills everywhere.

lurkersyx (7 years ago)
Holy crap, I... I love this. I just... wow. :D

Ferreter (7 years ago)
I would have laughed so hard if halfway through Bro burst in like "Dave what the fuck are you even doing".

InfiniteBladeWorks (7 years ago)
Yes. One of my favorite of the ships.

Doodled (7 years ago)

beau (7 years ago)
These lyrics are great. So direct and honest.

LadySoubi (7 years ago)
.. Wow. What more do I really need to say? I really liked the song. ^^

BalledKalilee (7 years ago)
Get in my faves holy shit this is fantastic.

Squishable (7 years ago)
oh my god.
Oh my God.

DarkMime77 (7 years ago)
If you don't get a recording contract, I will personally run down every record executive in L.A. You're what Justin Bieber should have been.

Ferreter (7 years ago)
Oh also I really like this. Forgot to mention that bit but I've pretty much been listening to it on repeat.

bitterkiwi (7 years ago)
Okay this is really adorable. I seriously didn't think I'd like this, but you have a great voice, and you pretty much pulled it off.

asinineRainbows (7 years ago)
; v ;
So much love for this, it made me so sad yet happy at the same time. It's possible

pomodoro (7 years ago)
The cuteness is really unbelievable ;u;

Nattypants (7 years ago)
oh my god.
why am i crying <3

swordsmanProtoganist (7 years ago)

is how i imagine dave now. XD

This was awesome!

demisemiquav3r (7 years ago)
two lines in and i was crying
thank you

oddii (6 years ago)
weeeeeeeeeh now im shipping them wehhhh.

dusha-ognya (6 years ago)
This is so cuuuuute <3 Man, I really love this and I don't even really like the original <3

mintt (6 years ago)
jfskdf omigosh I heard this on emi's stream SO THIS IS WHERE IT'S FROM EEEEE * U*
this is so nice and I don't even usually like this song
ahhhh you are too good <33333

betavoracious (6 years ago)
I love you, please always be Dave now. :'D

tentacleTherapist (6 years ago)
Oh my GOD. â¥

Comerecupcake (6 years ago)
I don't know why I never commented on this, but every time I listen to this my heart melts.

Makes me wish I had a Dave to my Jade even more. hnnngh.

bloodsentry (6 years ago)
;-; You have a beautiful voice bro.

rainbowGuitarist (6 years ago)
I'm dying.

rainbowsofdarkness (6 years ago)
oh my!!! this is just so adorable!!! and amazing!

the replay button. it gets abused

curricle (6 years ago)
all of my tears
this has all of my tears
this is just so the best <3333

a;lsdkjfasl;df mine heart

Crumblehop (6 years ago)

Also bro the guitar part is so damn harrrrrrrrrrd so I feel ya

joeCoolieo (6 years ago)
I like this.
I really like this.

elr123 (6 years ago)
this is so sweet...
I now support this ship.

Rebecaamiller13 (6 years ago)
i memorized this song because it's just so cute! <3
nice work it's very pretty

kimikokagamine (6 years ago)
Every time I hear Hey There Dehlila I used to change it.
Now I sing this instead of the real lyrics.

sleepZombie (6 years ago)
Holyshit this is the cutest thing ever and your voice is AMAZING. <3

TheRoxster (6 years ago)
chvhdfgjfhg cutest thing ever and I tear up everytime I hear this and I don't even ship Dave<3Jade that much but sigh, man this is so beautiful. congrats ;w;

dramagirlsp (6 years ago)
So, I have a Jade roleplaying account on Facebook, and JadexDave is like my favorite ship, so now whenever I rp with Daves, I will hear this. I am glad.

VoiceActMistress (6 years ago)
your my headcanon voice for dave

TerezisAss (6 years ago)
*Totally not sobbing.* QuQ
You, good internet person, took my favorite song and made it better.

DMLunatic (6 years ago)
You now have my love, my headcanon, and my OTP.

It makes me feel better knowing that it isn't just us squeeish fangirls that ship these sweet little pairings.

kittennpajamas (6 years ago)
This is so awesome, and adorable, and is just so great!! It put a smile on my face for sure, and just augh you are brilliant!!!

TyrannacalSorceress (6 years ago)
i dont even really like this shipping pair that much... but... this is just.... so awesome!!!!
its beautifull dude!!!
your way better than more than half those idiot supperstars out there!

diamond--light (6 years ago)
crap, hold on let me pick up all these pieces of broken heart while my tear glands rupture out of pure love

datSerket (6 years ago)
Just Perfect lyrics and all you have an awesome voice! please tell me you have a tumblr! Q AQ

Omgpizzaluvr (6 years ago)
Wanna be my best friend? Cuz this song is amazing and your voice <3 I'm melting ;) hehe

MuchTooYoungTooFeelThisOld (6 years ago)
Dude. I think I'm gay for your voice. Also greatest song ever.

gelatoGuild (5 years ago)
swoon <3

Holo (5 years ago)
Don't you dare say you have bad sing.

Jeez, I wish I had a guy sing to me, but I'm just a skinny-as-a-stick brunnette girl who blogs and trains horses.

Besides, I'm to fucked up emotionally, no guy can carry that baggage.

Whoops, rambling again.

Anyways, I love your voice, please keep singing. :)

mindhoney123 (5 years ago)

StarIsOnFireB*tches (5 years ago)

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